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Mojo Rib Self-Titled

By PJC, Contributor
Tuesday, October 14, 2003 @ 10:36 AM

(Nuthing Sacred Records)

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Linkin Park sucks. Limp Bizkit sucks. Metallica sold out. Aerosmith is now a Journey tribute band. Kiss is on their 5th farewell tour. Eddie Van Halen is on his 3rd hip. Ratt has the same members as LA Guns. LA Guns has the same members as Faster Pussycat, who have the same members as God knows what ‘80s hair band. Ozzy is a now a TV star being dragged by his nuts by his wife. A duet on the Black Sabbath tune, “Changes” with his fat daughter, Kelly, is in the works. Can’t wait for that. Metal is dead. Concert tickets are too much. Blah blah fucking blah. In the end, what can save us from these thoughts of dismay… these thoughts that seem to impede on our psyche? These thoughts that have time after time have us shaking our head asking that one word question: “Why?” or actually, “How?” What can make us forget about the trials and tribulations of music as it is today? The answer is the one the only, MOJO RIB!!!

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Yes, people! Da band is Mojo Rib and they are they are out of the sunny strip of land known as Los Angeles, CA. Many of you have probably never heard of these guys so I thought out of the goodness of my heart, I would be the first to expose the land of KNAC-ers, this group of working man’s ethic Rock and Rollers. I first heard of these guys from a friend of mine that runs a radio station out here in New York. As coincidence would have it, they have been getting some play on KNAC from Diana DeVille. Any AC/DC fans out there? What about Toys In The Attic-era, Aerosmith? Great, thought so.

The band is led by founder, singer, songwriter Jay Sosnicki, whose vocal range and style is very similar to Bon Scott. This guy sings his ass off. If there was a more colorful way of putting it, believe me I would. Drew Simon and Joe Favazza are the guitar players. The guitar playing, overall, is extremely tight and the progressions in the songs make listening to this band a very cool experience. I compare the sound and the talent level to Malcolm Young, Rich Robinson, and Brad Whitford. Yes, these are tremendous players that play in tremendous bands. I point this out because if you are looking for John Petrucci type of shredding, you will not find that here. This is about sex, drugs, and Rawk ‘n Roll. Nothing more and nothing less. Michael White on bass and Castle on drums round out this band of hopelessly entertaining, air guitar wielding group of misfits looking to take back the spirit of what we all love in what is otherwise called, Rock and Roll.

As I said before, this is a band that resembles the music of AC/DC, although the lyrics look to take a more comical approach. The album starts out with a song called “Half Piped Raider.” This is a really great boogie rock tune that kicks off this tremendous album perfectly. Kind of like “Have a Drink On Me” but with a little more kick. The album then kicks into the song “Lowlife.” For anyone that has heard the painfully underrated DLR Band album, this song resembles “Slam Dunk” and just absolutely kills. Here, Sosnicki really shows some unbelievable range and the musicianship of White on bass really shines through. “Kalifornia Kingsnake” is the band’s first release and has been heard here on KNAC. The rest of the album, is quite honestly, very well put together. Ten songs in all. The band mixes so many different styles in their sound that you never really know what to expect from song to song and that, friends, is what makes great bands great. Great songs, great fun, 100% Rawk ‘n Fuckin’ Roll.

Check them out at www.mojorib.com. If not, you can always await the release of Fred Durst’s new project of bullshit, which should be out sometime in early 2004.

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