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Slayer Live in Worcester, MA

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, November 10, 2003 @ 0:46 AM

Slayer Live at the Palladium i

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REVIEW BY: Jon Bennett

What can be said about Slayer, that hasn’t been said before?

Well, I just got back from Slayer at the Palladium in Worcester, MA and let me tell you, Slayer blew the roof off this place.

The place was packed, butts to nuts, but I had a nice booth since my foot is still broken and I didn’t need anyone to step on it.

I got in just in time to see Hatebreed’s last two songs. I don’t really care for Hatebreed or their rip off of Suffocation’s “Liege of Inveracity.”

Oh well, back to the important stuff: FUCKING SLAYER!!!

Slayer came out to the intro from God Hates Us All and went right into “Disciple.” I wasn’t a huge fan of GHUA, but I do like this song and it sounds a million times more brutal live. Next up was a typical Slayer tune, “War Ensemble.” Great song, don’t get me wrong but I’ve seen it every time I’ve seen Slayer. This is where the show took a turn for the better, with Slayer breaking out “At Dawn They Sleep,” my personal favorite song by Slayer. It made me wish I could be down in the pit. The highlight of the song being the crowd screaming, “KILL!!” along with Tom. Next up was a complete surprise to myself and everyone with me: “Necrophiliac”!!!! After this song I can’t honestly remember the order of the next 8 songs but they were “Payback,” “God Send Death,” “Dead Skin Mask,” “Hell Awaits,” “FIGHT TILL DEATH”(!!!!!!!), “South of Heaven,” “Mandatory Suicide” and “Stain of Mind.”

The pit had been pretty crazy looking from the start of the show, but it was only just beginning.

Some of you may have heard what Slayer has in store to end their shows, as I did, but being there and seeing it was unbelievable. After, I believe, “South of Heaven,” Slayer broke into “ANGEL OF DEATH”!!!! Seeing them not play this last made seeing this song so much better. The place went pretty nuts for this. From there on it was ALL of Reign in Blood in order!!! Next up, obviously, “Piece by Piece.” I had never seen or heard a live version of this and I am so glad they broke it out. This is a sick song that people should always flip out for.

For the rest of the album, “Criminally Insane,” “Jesus Saves” and “Postmortem” really blew my mind, but seeing Slayer finish it all with “Raining Blood” was fucking incredible!! These guys, at whatever age they are, some where in their late 30’s early 40’s, still know how to make a place go insane.

Only down points during Slayer were the moronic Red Sux fans that kept yelling at Tom for being a Yankmees fan. The “Jeter Swallows” chant was pretty funny though!!

So, if Slayer is coming around your area and you haven’t decided whether to go or not, GET YOUR ASS TO THIS SHOW!! Even if just to see them play RIB in order or to see classics like “Fight Til Death” or “Necrophiliac”!!!

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