The Supersuckers Live in Detroit

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Thursday, December 4, 2003 @ 12:10 AM

The Supersuckers Live at the M

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I was turned on to the Supersuckers about four years ago through the miraculous invention of peer-to-peer file swapping and the ever important word-of-mouth. If it weren't for the ability to be able to type the name of a band, song, or bit of a lyric and almost instantly have access to a plethora of tunes, then I probably would not have spent the total of 78 dollars and seventy seven cents on Supersuckers CD's and concert tickets over the past few years. This is not to mention the small handful of new fans that I've been able to rustle up as a result of putting together a couple of comp CD's to PROMOTE music. Good music, that is. So what does this have to do with the Supersuckers show? Plenty, because as Eddie Spaghetti pointed out, well, allow me to use a few, ahem, "quotes" from the show, or at least as best I can remember them:

1. You see, we (Supersuckers) are a small Mom and Pop operation.
2. No matter what, it's all about you people.
3. We're gonna keep on doing this until we're 75.
4. We are - the greatest rock and roll band in the world!

Apropos that on Veteran's Day I'd finally get the chance (most likely thanks to some crazy alignment of the planets seeing as I've had about a dozen opportunities and something has always gotten in the way) to actually go to the Supersuckers show as they made a regular stop in Detroit on a foggy November night. It seems that the Supersuckers are perpetually on the road, recording, making videos, giving interviews, staying in touch, and over and over again rocking as only they can do. Veteran's they are, having been around for more than ten years at this point, and continuing to cultivate and actually improve upon their genuinely irreverent and insolent attitude and style - consistently reliable as horns-a-flashing, finger-flipping, beer guzzlin', dry-desert mythological rock demons... and fucking LOUD to boot - just as it should be.

With all of the forces of evil that could be mustered on this otherwise danky Detroit Tuesday night, the Suckers ripped through an onslaught of not-over-three-minute cowpunk speed rawkus songs filled with guttural screams of "yeah!" and bits and pieces of just about every guitar riff ever played by Jimmy Page and Angus Young put together. Are they really rock stars? Or are they just pretending to be? Do they care? Should you care? Judging by the genuine good time that the band was having all throughout the show, I'd say that, no, it doesn't matter what they're doing or if they even know how they're doing it. The point is that they do it flawlessly.
I failed to write down a set list but here is a quick synopsis of what I remember: "Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain't Sellin' This Year)" "Bubblegum And Beer" "Gone Gamblin' (my personal favorite)" "Bloody Mary Morning" "Creepy Jackalope Eye" "Baby, That is Rock N Roll"
Eddie took every opportunity to banter with the crowd as Ron Heathmen, a road-weary lookin' Dan Bolton, and new touring drummer Mike Murderburger (yeah!) pulled off all the classic rock moves, playing simply and to the point. It didn't take too much to get this bleary weekday/workday crowd worked up either, and this made the concert all the more fun. The Magic Bag is a comparatively small venue, which gave the ambience of seeing a local act at one of the local dives. For this reason I had kind of the hem-haw feeling of wishing that this would be any other night except for a Tuesday. Technically speaking, the Magic Bag is in a city called Ferndale ("fashionable" Ferndale) and what I thought most impressive was that Eddie, instead of saying "Detroit," actually knew specifically which city he was in and called it as such. Now get this - and this is the only time I'll mention it - the opening act was some supposed local "on the verge of success" power metal unit. They'd just returned from New York (we were told this repeatedly). The worst part was the guy kept on going on like he was Bob Seger on "Live Bullet," going on and on about "Detroit this" and "Detroit that." And this, my friends, is the essence of The Supersuckers - they know what's what. I'd be willing to bet that they may have been a bit mundane, comparatively speaking with regards to their relentless schedule, but there was no doubt that their purpose in life is to rock.

I've been a fan for quite a long time and finally got to see them live and in person (even shook hands with Eddie after the show and said "cool!") so I was very glad for that. May the Suckers go on forevuh!

The show wrapped up with a killer cover of "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy, and as always, a mention and dedication the West Memphis Three (www.wm3.org).

Horns up!

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