Korn & Limp Bizkit Live in San Francisco

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Wednesday, December 10, 2003 @ 5:34 PM

Korn and Limp Bizkit Live at T

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REVIEW BY: Korn Kid 666

The KoRn “Back 2 Basics” concert on November 12th, 2003 was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! It kicked so much ass!!!!!!!!!!! Was really happy and had an awesome time. They played a good San Francisco show.

I got there about 7pm. I went up to the front of the stage, like two other people were in front. But I could touch the fence thing and stuff. I waited until Droid would come out.

Droid opened the show. I had never heard of them before, but they were awesome!!!! I was really into them. They played like 5 or 6 songs. The lead singer touch my hand, I felt all special. Anyways once they were done, only the lead singer left. Then he said “Give it up for Fieldy’s Dreams!” Then Fieldy came on stage. I was really fucking happy to see him. He sang “Baby Hugh-Hef,” “Child Vigilante” and a cover song. I think it was Cypress Hill. Fieldy and the rest of Droid left the stage.

Next was Limp Bizkit. There was a curtin that came down after they did their intro. They opened with “My Generation.” Now when that happened, something changed in me. I know a lot of people hate Limp Bizkit, and I used to dislike them, too. The first time I saw them live they weren’t bad, but this time they were awesome!! I was so impressed, I was surprised. I know people might think I suck for liking them, but I do like them now. I got into them. They went through about five new songs all together. There was a really good slow song that they did. And they also played “Break Stuff,” “My Way” and “Nookie.” In their set, Fred Durst said it himself, “If it weren’t for KoRn, there would be no Limp Bizkit! It’s their fault, you know.” He was saying how much they meant to them and to metal! Limp Bizkit did three cover songs. They did “Behind Blue Eyes,” they did Nirvana’s “You Know You’re Right” and of course they did “Faith.” That was the last song and they went off. I was so impressed it wasn’t even funny. I got totally into their set. And I was so ready for KoRn!!!!!

The KoRn set change took hella long. During the set change a fan was taken on stage and was told she was gonna play against a special guest. At that time Jonathan Davis walked out on stage. He looked very happy and waved at the crowed with a smile on his face. The crowed roared to see him. He played against the girl and he won. Everyone was cheering for him to win. Then he left the stage. Then the dude from KSJO (San Francisco’s rock station) picked two fans out of the audience. They sang “ Freak On A Leash.” People booed them but I thought they were lucky as fuck and it must have been fun. After that they continued the set change. The wait between then and the performance was very long.

At about 10:50 the set started. Their intro was a screen with a bunch of pictures of random fans at that show. Each person screamed who saw his or her picture up there. Then they showed a picture of each KoRn member. KoRn walked on the sage. We all cheered. Munky stood in front if me. He was wearing eye shadow. They were so close!!! I could see detail on their faces! They opened with their new song, “Right Now.” Once the heavy part started, me and everyone else went fucking insane! They were so powerful and rocked the fuck out of the place!!!!!!! Then they did another new song, “Break Some Off.” It really rocked and was very heavy. They went into “Got The Life” after that. Munky was pointing at people in the audience. He looked at me, pointed at me for a second then flipped me off!! It was so awesome!!!!! I was so fucking happy then! KoRn went into “Ball Tongue.” It was fucking awesome live. I loved how they did “Lodi Dodi” in the middle of the song! Then they did “Here To Stay.”. It was great and we all were going crazy the whole time.

During the whole show, I got in front of Jonathan and Munky. I got good pictures. Head was on the other side of the stage, oh well. Fieldy was sort of a distance, too, but I was in from of him when he did his Fieldy’s Dreams set. KoRn went into “It’s On!” It was great live. Then they did “Did My Time.” After that they broke into their classic, “Alive.” I was glad they played it and it was basically the same as it was back in 1993. The riffs were a little improved and cooler during the bridge. But the lyrics were pretty much the same. The crowd sang along to the classic song. I’m really glad it’s finally being released! Then they did another old song, “Hemet In The Bush.” It sounded sooooooooooooo much better live than on the album. I loved it live!!!!! Then they did “Falling Away From Me.”

After that the intro to “Blind” started. We all were fucking happy and ready to go fucking insane as all hell. When Jonathan said, “Are You Ready?” The crowd went fucking wild and it was all fucking craziness. But it’s expected for “Blind.” It was so great! They were strong throughout the song and at the end they left the stage. The crowd wanted more. We all cheered, “KoRn. KoRn, KoRn!” Jonathan then came out with the bagpipes. The “Shoots And Ladders” intro was played until Jonathan’s style started to change. They went into the new song, “Let’s Do this Now.” I think it was the best new song they played. It was heavy as fuck and I loved it. Then they started to play “My Gift To You”. I was really fucking happy ‘cause I fucking love that song! Another classic from 1993, but released in 1998. Jonathan didn’t play the bagpipes for that song, considering he just did for the last song. They played it so well. The bridge was the highlight. When Jonathan sang, “I hate you, can’t you feel the pain?” he was flipping out on the floor. He twitched and went insane rolling around the floor. It was brilliant! He still has it in him! The song was so great live.

Then KoRn went into their last song of the night, “Freak On A Leash.” We all went fucking crazy ‘cause we knew it was our last chance. When they left, Jonathan said he loved us and would be back soon. He seemed happy by the fans! David then came and stood in front of me. He threw his drumsticks to people. They all left the stage in the end. We all cheered on last time and them we went home. They kicked ass more than anything else on this fucking planet!!!!!!!!!!

Being in such a small venue was great. I got so close! It was a good theme and was good to see KoRn and Limp Bizkit back together like the old say. They really did bring it Back To Basics!!!!!!!

Limp Bizkit set list:

My Generation
Break Stuff
Gimme The Mic
Take A Look Around
My Way
You Know You’re Right
Eat You Alive
Behind Blue Eyes
Almost Over

KoRn set list:

Right Now
Break Some Off
Got The Life
Ball Tongue
Here To Stay
It’s On!
Did My Time
Hemet In The Bush
Falling Away From Me


Let’s Do This Now
My Gift To You
Freak On A Leash

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