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JUNKYARD Hit High Water Mark With New Album, Revamped Lineup

By Ruben Mosqueda, Contibutor
Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 1:42 PM

"People have this belief that JUNKYARD was this ‘Sunset Strip’ band. We weren't. We didn’t do the pay to play thing--- it's bullshit quite frankly."

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Photos By Joe Schaefer Photography

“I know I shouldn't say this but the one song that I can live without doing is “Hollywood”. I'm over that song, it was hard to do when we recorded it, it’s harder to perform now! We have to do that one, it's one of our signature songs, so we're obliged to do it,” says vocalist David Roach. JUNKYARD first appeared on MTV’s Headbanger's Ball with the video clip for “Hollywood” which launched the band’s ‘self-titled' record (in 1989). The band created quite the buzz then followed it up with the video clip for “Simple Man” which continued gaining additional JUNKYARD exposure. “The videos were great exposure for us, but we were lumped in with all those bands! We were more gritty and punk than the rest of them; once GUNS N’ ROSES were signed the flood gates opened," recalls Roach. “People have this belief that JUNKYARD was this ‘Sunset Strip’ band. We weren't. We didn’t do the pay to play thing--- it's bullshit quite frankly. We didn't play The (Sunset) Strip till we were already signed,” clarifies Roach.

The sophomore album Sixes, Sevens & Nines (1991) wasn’t the effort that it could have been as Roach admits, “I think that one has 2-3 really good songs on it---the rest isn’t very good. We let outside people tell us what to do and the record isn’t as focused as it could have been. We did get “All The Time In The World” that’s a good one.” Fast forward to 2017 where JUNKYARD issued a new album via Acetate Records, the album titled High Water is an eclectic continuation of Junkyard and Sixes, Sevens & Nines. There’s punk, twang, rock, heavy riffs and a large helping of melody. “I’m very proud of this record. I wouldn’t have done something that wasn’t good.” We’re glad Roach did, the new album is JUNKYARD’s best work to date and KNAC.COM approved. The current JUNKYARD line-up is comprised of; Roach on vocals, Tim Mosher and Jimmy James on guitar, Todd Muscat on bass and Patrick Muzingo on drums.

JUNKYARD made their way to the Pacific Northwest after 20+ years. The band performed the previous night (December 29th) in Seattle, WA, which by all accounts was an excellent performance. JUNKYARD headed south the next day to Portland, Oregon. JUNKYARD last performed in Portland in the early 90s at the now defunct Satyricon so this evening they performed down the street at Dante’s. “Man, I couldn't tell you where exactly where the Satyricon was, it’s been over 20 years!,” says Roach.

JUNKYARD put on an electrifying performance at Dante’s, in spite of the mic issues David Roach experienced during the two opening numbers. It was smooth sailing from there forward. The band blasted through their 70+ minute set to the enthusiastic Portland audience. The setlist highlights included; new tracks “Faded”, “Hellbound”, “Styrofoam Cup”, “Wallet”, “W.F.L.W.F”, followed by classics “Blooze”, “Simple Man” and yes, “Hollywood”. The band re-emerged after a few minutes and blazed through a rendition of AC/DC’s “Rock And Roll Damnation”. It was much too long since the previous appearance in Portland but definitely well worth the wait.

The official website: http://junkyardblooze.com/
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/junkyardhollywood/

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