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Head Of The Class: An Interview With Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister

By Frankie Perry, Contributor
Tuesday, January 22, 2002 @ 2:07 PM

KNAC.COM Correspondent Frankie

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“I’ve Been A Slut All My Life. Who’s Happier Than A Slut?” – Lemmy Kilmister

In 1975, Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister was detained in Canada on a drug possession charge. When he returned home he formed the original Motorhead, which included Lucas Fox on drums and Larry Wallis on guitar. The line-up didn’t last too long. However, after much trial and error, several band member changes, the classic 3-piece Motorhead was born.

Twenty-five years and 20 albums later, Motorhead is still the loudest Metal band that ever stalked the world. In 1992, Motorhead was nominated for a Grammy, but lost to Metallica. It didn’t matter. The fact that they were recognized, after all these years, was a great reward for the years of hard work. The current Motorhead line up is Lemmy on bass, Phil Campbell on guitar and Mikkey D on drums. Despite the personnel changes, through the years, and fluctuating commercial fortunes, the band remains on of the most popular of live acts. Lemmy is the undisputed leader and frontman of Motorhead. He is one of the music scenes great enduring characters.

Motorhead’s last tour (for last year’s We Are Motorhead CD) started in mid-May 2001 and took the band all over Europe. The band headlined such huge Metal festivals as Wacken 2001 in Germany. The world can’t get enough of the band. When their tour brought them back to the U.S., the guys continued to finish the album they started before they left (tentatively slated through Sanctuary on April 9th).

”On the road we watch porn all day. It’s funny how some people condemn it, but they are the same people committing other immoral crimes. I say fuck you and the horse you rode in on.”
KNAC.COM: You guys are so amazing! Nothing gets in your way, not even the change in the music scene. What’s your take on the new music scene?
LEMMY: It’s all contriving shit, force-fed garbage. The new stuff is like selling Spam and I’ll never listen. These new bands use sampled instruments. Well, if you’re so good, then play it yourself! I feel like I am hearing my father talk, except it is me – he didn’t like what we listened to – but, at least what we listened to real musicians. We were raised on good 2 1/2 minute long song. You know, the type, they have guitar solo’s – you got 20 seconds to play the best solo you could. The new bands now are a bunch of bed-wetter's. The music is full of complaining and whining! Music used to be happy, now it’s all doom and petty. They are all sell-outs and out for the quick buck!

KNAC.COM: The music does seem to have become much angrier than really need be. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between bands – they all sound alike to me. They have no distinctive sound to them, although they will tell you “they are different.” The industry is saturated with bands that all sound alike.
LEMMY: They are all a bunch of one hit wonders. I don’t get it – they play angry music and live on the computer. It should be about the music and getting laid – not the computer. I know how to tour and it does NOT include a laptop. These guys need to learn that real men don’t type – they fuck on the road – or they should become secretaries if they want to type.

KNAC.COM: (Laughing) You are too much Lemmy! You have very exact opinions don’t you? That’s cool though – speaking your mind is healthy – more people should try it. According to your reputation, we can safely assume that you are very sexually active. You live in West Hollywood – is it hard to find any straight chicks there?
LEMMY: I do live in a gay area. They’re all looking for Freddy not me! I have to go elsewhere to find women, but, I have to say, the guys from Queen are wonderful. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in London with Queen. Brian May is the greatest. It was funny, we were playing “Overkill” and out of the corner of my eye, I see Brian slide across the floor on his knees shredding on his guitar. You never see him do that, go all crazy. He is usually more reserved. We corrupted them!

”The Beatles are the best. They were so diverse. You could dance to them or just listen. I like Poison. They were a much better band than people give credit.”
KNAC.COM: Are they one of your favorite bands?
LEMMY: The Beatles are the best. They were so diverse. You could dance to them or just listen. I do like a lot of others. I like Poison. They were a much better band than people give credit.

KNAC.COM: Let’s get back to sex. Start talking – I know you have stories and lots of opinions.
LEMMY: On the road we watch porn all day. It’s funny how some people condemn it, but they are the same people committing other immoral crimes. I say fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Oh, here’s one for you. You ever heard of the “politically correct sex dictionary?” Well, it has shit in it like blowjobs are considered sodomy and is illegal in 20 states. It’s considered unnatural sex, even if you’re married. What are they gonna do? Show up at your door to check out if your sucking cock? The book also says that invitro is rape. You know, when they take the egg and put it into a petri dish with a sperm. They say that it is domination of the egg. What the bloody hell is next?

KNAC.COM: I guess I’m going to jail! And, if you chose to have some form of clinical insemination then it is planned – as they say, you can’t rape the willing! They need to give it a rest. So, tell me a favorite groupie story.
LEMMY: There is no such thing as a groupie. There are girls that like to fuck and girls that don’t. The girls that don’t point the fingers at the girls that do, even though they think about it just as much. I’ve been a slut all my life. Who’s happier than a slut? But as far as someone doing some crazy thing – I was on stage playing, it was a concert, this chick was in the audience flashing her tits, like they do. All I know is, she is on the stage sucking my dick! Now that got my attention. I figured she would have stuck around after the show, but never saw her again.

Lemmy and I talked for hours after the initial interview. I have to say he is the most colorful of characters I have talked with in a long time. Motorhead’s new album should be released this spring so get ready to be rocked once again. Go to their website at www.imotorhead.com, to find out more about his tour dates and any other information you are searching for. If you have never listened to Motorhead, then pick up the 25th anniversary double CD – it kick ass! It has all the favorite Motorhead tunes. You’ll catch up on everything you’ve been missing. Motorhead Rocks!

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