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JEN Live in Kitchener, Ontario

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, July 12, 2004 @ 9:10 AM

JEN CD Release Party for Bl

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REVIEW BY: Bryan Weber

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Ladies and Gents, listen up! Let me tell you about a new band that blew my mind live. The name is JEN, and the venue was in Kitchener, Ontario. A fairly new band to the Ontario music scene, with musical styles that vary to everything from Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Metal. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but trust me, this is a band that is very unique and doesn’t fit in to any genre of music. Which is good in this day and age where everything sounds the same.

So let me get to the show…

The day is June 18, and JEN are having their CD release party for their new album, Bloodless Coup. The openers are Toronto’s Ekatree and a few other of your generic indie bands. After listening to the local bands do their thing and being pleasantly surprised by them at the same time, they just didn’t seem to be able to get the club moving. And then JEN hit the stage....

After the first few tunes which included “Corporate Slaveship,” “Revolution #1” and “Bloodless Coup,” the floor was packed of people dancing, bouncing, moshing, and head banging. Although, only on the music scene for a few months and not even having a CD out prior to this show, you could hear people singing along to Mikey Danger’s catchy lyrics. And what a front man! This man has rhythm and a really good rock voice, not to mention the fact that the ladies seemed to love him. He is a lot like a young David Lee Roth, only with musical talent.

But lets not forget the rest of band, Jay the lead guitarist who plays guitar like a pro, Christion, the drummer, who by listening to him beat those drums it’s obvious that he has been playing for a while, and Kyle who plays bass and can bang his head like a mean mutha. Watch your mouth.

By the time, the band got to their song “Citizen Jane,” Mr. Danger dove into the crowd singing while being lifted by screaming fans. The energy of this band is something that has to be seen live. After this they played “My Little Box” and never have I ever seen a dance floor go from moshing to country line dancing so quick. After playing their original material, they responded to people in the back screaming for a Rage Against The Machine tune and the band served up a dead-on version of “Bulls On Parade.”

Keep an eye out for this band -- very original and very good. Read up on them at www.jenmilitia.com. It’s better than that other crap you are listening to.

(Photo courtesy of JenMilitia.com)

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