Leif Garrett Live in Worcester, MA

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, August 3, 2004 @ 0:21 AM

Leif Garrett Live at the Lucky

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REVIEW BY: Debby Rao

Former teen idol Leif Garrett rocked the Lucky Dog in Worcester last night with his new band of only 3 weeks. Leif's new band, which is actually the Dizzy Reed band and features members of Matt Starr's band Fastmaster, performed at the legendary Lucky Dog, where the Rolling Stones once did a surprise gig in 1981. Missing from the line-up was guitar wizard Alex Grossi, who is in LA, rehearsing for the ‘Bad Boys of Metal’ Tour.

Worcester is usually pretty quiet in the summertime, but Leif Garrett and Company heated up the stage with their intense new modern sound.

The Leif Garrett Band featured Leif on vocals, guitarist extraordinaire Matt Starr, Troy Patrick Farrell on drums, Curtis Roach on bass, and a guy named Ted "Noodles" Silver on lead guitar. Matt Starr was the band’s foundation, giving the songs a new modern flair with his unique melodic guitar playing.

Leif Garrett and Co. performed songs from his former band F8 and Godspeed. Leif, who’s sent many a girl’s heart racing in the early ‘70s, is still very attractive and he is taking his music and image much more serious these days. He is working with the best musicians from LA and the band is writing new songs for an upcoming CD.

Leif has released seven albums -- six studio and one which is a greatest hit collection called The Leif Garrett Collection. Leif says, "The perks of being a teen idol are great, but I don’t miss it alot."

The band hit the stage at midnight, playing to diehard fans and a new generation of fans seeing him for the first time tonight. Dressed in a cowboy hat, white shirt and jeans, Leif still set many a girl's heart racing, with his melodic sweet voice and charismatic stage presence.

The band performed a energetic set of modern rock, with a twist of tastefully arranged ballads, plus two cover tunes. The song "Satisfy" was a bluesy rocker. Matt Starr did a beautiful acoustic intro to the love song "Promise Me." The band played a great rendition of "Lola" by The Kinks. They also played the Rolling Stones hit "It's Only Rock and Roll." Leif says, " I am honored to be playing here at the Lucky Dog where The Stones once played in 1981.”

The highlight of the evening was when one fan yelled, “Play "I Was Made For Dancing!" Leif yells, "Shoot me, please -- I am trying not to play that song ever again." The band played "Alive,” a song that Leif says, “…was recorded at a radio station at 8 o'clock in the morning.” The song has a haunting melody and goes great with Leif's voice.

Leif Garrett is back on the comeback trail -- writing new songs, singing great, and is still keeping his audience mesmerized with his boyish good looks and talent.

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