Dokken & LA Guns Live in Anaheim, CA

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Tuesday, August 31, 2004 @ 11:52 AM

Dokken and LA Guns Live at The

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Eight-thirty pm, the lights at the grove go dark, and LA Guns comes out firing on all cylinders. Starting with “Show No Mercy,” the crowd and the band were off and running. “Sex Action” was next, followed by “Never Enough.” The band was on top of their game.

Phil Lewis’ vocals sounded better than ever, as for the newest member, Stacy Blades, on guitar… you would have thought Tracii Guns was up there. This guy was awesome, nailing every lick to perfection. I know a lot of people will not go see LA Guns because of Tracii no longer being in the band, but believe me, if you are a fan of this band, or were a fan, just go and see these guys. You will not be disappointed.

After the first three songs, Phil went on to tell us about their latest CD entitled Rippin’ Off the Covers. Then they went into a couple of the cover tunes off the new CD. It all started with Steve Riley doing a drum solo then the band rippin’ into Zeppelin’s “Custard Pie,” followed by Foghat’s “I Just Want To Make Love To You.” After the cover tunes, it was back to LA Guns’ “Long Time Dead” and “Hellraiser’s Ball.”

After ending the show with “Rip & Tear,” the band met with all of us in the lobby, taking pictures and signing autographs. Overall, a kickass show. - Phil Lewis, Adam Hamilton, Steve Riley, Stacy Blades - when these guys come to your town, just go and have a good time. LA Guns are back and better than ever.

Here is the set list: 1. Show No Mercy; 2. Sex Action; 3. Never Enough; 4. Custard Pie; 5. I Just Wanna Make Love To You; 6. Long Time Dead; 7. Hellraisers Ball; 8. Electriv Gypsy; 9. Ballad Of Jayne; 10. Rip & Tear.

Dokken was next up, touring in support of their latest CD entitled Hell to Pay. As the lights went down, the intro to “Unchain the Night” began to play as Dokken made their way on to the stage, then started with “Kiss Of Death.” Don was the last to appear on stage, walking out very slowly as the crowd cheered. After this first song “The Hunter” followed. It was one old Dokken song after another.

Don thanked the crowd for coming to see the band, especially on a Wednesday night, and at the same time, assured us we were in for a long night of Dokken music. For that, he proceeded to say that they wanted to take us “Into The Fire.” After the first five songs, Don went on to tell us about their new CDs. The band played two songs from the new CD, and one off Dysfuntional. After that, it was back to the old classics that we were there to hear, “In My Dreams,” “It’s Not Love,” etc.

The band sounded great. Jon Levin is doing an awesome job of playing all the old stuff. Just like LA Guns with the Tracii thing, it’s the same with Dokken. I know everyone would like to see Lynch play, but Levin holds his own. Barry Sparks is doing bass duties and doing a fine job. As for the drums “Wild” Mick Brown, of course, beating the shit out of the drums still some twenty years later. As for the show, Dokken isn’t the most mobile band I have ever seen. If you are going to the show to see these guys jump around and get all crazy, well you’re not going to get it, although, they do put on a good show.

All in all, good show. LA Guns were more exciting, but Dokken still can play with the best of them. Don’s vocals were awesome. Last year, when I saw them at the galaxy, he was having trouble hitting the higher notes, but tonight he was hitting all those notes perfectly.

Go see this tour. It is one of the best of the summer of 2004.

LA Guns & Dokken: one night of good rock n roll!!!

Here is Dokken’s set list: 1. Kiss Of Death; 2. The Hunter; 3. Into The Fire; 4. Just Got Lucky; 5. Escape 6. Haunted; 7. Alone Again; 8. Too High To Fly; 9. When Heaven Comes Down; 10. It’s Not Love; 11. Tooth And Nail; 12. In My Dreams. Encore: Paris Is Burning.

After the show, Dokken met with the fans and signed their new CD. Don is a very nice guy signed everything I had and took pictures with us -- very cool.

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