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Korn (Projekt Revolution Tour) Live in Mountain View, CA

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, October 4, 2004 @ 9:47 PM

Korn (Projekt Revolu

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REVIEW BY: KoRn Kid 666

The last date of the Projekt Revolution 2004 tour was at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View [San Francisco suburb], California. The tour was a mix of bands of different musical styles coming to play together. While the other bands did what they could, one act stole the show and made it insane, and it was KoRn!

The gates opened at about 2pm, the time I got there. The first band that was up to play was Autopilot Off. They were an okay band, I didn't find them too interesting, but not annoying like some bands could be. They seemed to give effort to do the best they could despite the audience's dullness towards them. A few people in LP underground shirts with staff passes tried to start a mosh pit to get the crowed going, but it really didn't work out.

After they played was downset. I love downset, and was excited about their show. When they got on stage, the mosh pits started. downset put on a good show playing songs like "Forever" and just having fun. The term "rap metal" isn't something I like to call bands, but I guess that is what a lot of people call them. A lot of metal fans don't like their kind of music, but I really like that band, and they put on a good show.

After they were done, me and my friends went up to the lawn of the main stage. Soon Less Than Jake came on. At that time we went to our seats to watch them. We were in the first level, which was really cool. Less Than Jake put on a good set. I'm not a person who listens to that kind of music, but I had fun with what I saw -- I mean I was there so I might as well make the most out of. The guitarist of the band left the stage during one of the songs and stood on the stairs that went past the seats in the first level. At one point he stood next to m e and my friends and they started dancing with him, which seemed to make him happy. Once again, it's not my kind of music, but I had fun with it. As long as it's not fucking pop I'm fine with it and respect it.

Next was The Used. They are another band I don't really listen to, but when they started, they gave out a lot of energy. I liked the vibe they gave out. Bert is crazy, and he's awesome for that. They are really into their music and that puts on a good show. I had fun during their set.

Next on the bill was Snoop Dogg. That was a very weird thing to see. I'm not into rap or hip-hop at all, but I was into seeing Snoop Dogg. When Snoop Dogg came on the stage, everyone started to light up. Snoops Dogg himself came on stage smoking a blunt. Snoops Dogg had a back up back that had a rock direction in it, which was interesting. He played lots of Classic songs like "Ain't Nothing But a Gang Thang" and "Gin and Juice." I found myself surprisingly into the set. I'm not a rap person at all, but I got to say that it was cool seeing Snoop. Once Snoop Dogg finished his set, I knew it was time to get the concert at its peak, KoRn was up next.

The set for KoRn to come on was long as usual. But then the lights went dark and David stood behind his drums. The crowd started to get really loud. He started a drum riff as the rest of the band came on. Once they were on the stage, Munky lead his riff into "Right Now." They blasted it and the band let out their energy in their music. There were at least six different pits going on, all of us in our seats were jumping and going crazy as of the seat were not there. KoRn kept up their high energy as they continued their set. One might think that on the last day of the tour, the bands would be worn out, but not KoRn; they had a lot of energy and played their songs really well. David was hitting the drums like there was no tomorrow, Fieldy was banging his bass, Munky and Head were feeding off each other. Jonathan was very energetic and was getting the audience into it a lot. KoRn played other of their songs like "A.D.I.D.A.S.," Somebody Someone," "Here To Stay" and "Freak On A Leash."

Jonathan came out during the set playing his bagpipes, which he always does, but those things are so fucking awesome! They can really sound like shit if they are played the wrong way, and often are, but Jonathan made them sound so good. KoRn did a cover of Cameo's "Word Up," which was cool live. It is being put on their greatest hits album, which sounds kind of weird, but played live it sounds great. Also they did a cover of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall." They took element from all three parts of the song and made it into a new one. I thought that they did an awesome job on that song. It is very dark and very KoRn style. They even had Snoop Dogg come out again and sing it with them. After that they started to play "Blind." That has always been a highlight of a KoRn show, when they play "Blind." It is such a high-energy song, and the band goes fucking insane during it. Once Jonathan screamed "Are You Ready?" we all went totally fucking insane. The band had very high energy during the song, which reflected to the audience. The audience was fucking nuts. The seats looked like a wave slashing way the fuck in the air. The lawn was getting brutal as fuck. "Blind" is such a fun song to see live, and everyone loves it because it lets them go all out.

When "Blind" was over, Jonathan Davis started talking to the audience. He was saying he was feeling "a lot of KoRn love tonight," which there defiantly was. He thanked everyone and all that stuff, then he said "but now I want you all to put your middle finger in the air!" And they launched into "Y'all Want A Single." They rocked out on that song, and so did the audience. When that song was over, it was done. KoRn out on another fucking amazing show! Me and my friends all got to run to the front of the stage at the end as they left (we couldn't do that during their set because the guards were fucking bitchy.) I was so happy after that. KoRn stole the show no doubt.

Linkin Park was next… Linkin Park headlining over KoRn, what the fuck? I know it's their tour and all, but they are just lame next to KoRn. Their set wasn't that interesting, I tried to enjoy it because I knew I lot of songs, but they just really pissed me off. Chester was saying something about some "fucking faggot" about someone and was like "you fuckers better not go around saying I said ‘fucking faggots’ on stage." I mean, I don't usually care us someone says that, but the thing that pissed me off about it is that like in interview and shit he would talk about how he doesn't need to swear in his music because swearing shows lack of creativity and that kind of shit, so it’s his hypocriticalness that fucking pisses me off. He just says that to get a good image so more people will listen to their music. In fact, really don't know why I stayed for Linkin Park, there was no reason to. I did hear Jonathan Davis would come out again to sing "One Set Closer" with them. So I waited for that, but when that song was played (the last song played), Jonathan never came out. So then we all left. Despite the last act, it was an awesome day.

The Shoreline is a good venue to see concerts, except for hardcore punk or metal show. There is no pit in front of the stage, just two levels of seats and the lawn in the back. But KoRn can rock any show, no matter what venue it is, and they definatley did it with the Shoreline, even being in the seats! They were playing before a band that was obviously influenced a lot by them, and I think they knew that they kicked their asses every night. But KoRn gives a great show. This was my fourth time seeing them live, and still they memorized me with their show. There is a feeling I get when I see them that is like no other, it can't be explained, I just know it when I'm there at a KoRn show!

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