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Boston Live in Irvine

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Sunday, October 24, 2004 @ 1:41 AM

Boston, REO Speedwagon Live at

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REVIEW BY: Rebecca, aka Roberta

Okay, I ventured to Orange County again, but this time it was for a good reason: to see Arrowfest, the concert of a lifetime! My fave band of all time was playing, Boston. I've loved them forever, and was highly anticipating their L.A. return. Not only is Boston an unbelievable band, but they help humanity by contributing to such organizations such as PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Domestic Violence outreach centers, and in this case, a portion of the funding went to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Boston are not only a great band but beautiful people as well. Original vocalist Brad Delp has the voice of an angel. The new female bassist, of whom I had the pleasure of meeting is a living doll -- her name was Kimberly Dahme, and her playing -- truly magnificent. The Cosmo brothers are another great addition to the band, Fran on lead guitar and brother Anthony is also playing in the band. They are flanked by drummer Jeff Neal, Gary Pihl on lead guitars and Tom Scholz. This is without a doubt the best show I have seen all year. Boston has also mixed my favorite kind of music, Goth-Industrial, into their classic rock routine. Now only Boston can do that! Tom Scholz and the gang are brilliance -- their stage performance is so bad-ass, it's just incredible! They have so many great songs and their rhythm section sounded fantastic!

Reo Speedwagon started things off with "Ridin’ the Storm Out," a great tune that I recognized. They also played "Can't Fight This Feeling" and "Rough Boys," with quite a guitar shuffle. Reo is looking pretty good lately and definitely picking up the pace. "Don't Let Him Go" was a tune I also remember from the old days. They were definitely hitting familiar territory.

Next band up, Boston -- their music touches so many people. Original Lyricist Brad Delp was in good form, looking hot as ever, and sounding like an angel. Killer guitarists Fran Cosmo and Gary Pihl were backing Brad, flanked by female extraordinaire bassist, Kimberly Dahme, whom the all the guys were drooling over. Also, Tom Scholz trying to be the tech as usual, the musical making genius behind this band. He's acting as their keyboardist, sound engineer, dubbing etc... Great job, Tom, I know getting that perfect Boston sound is a feat within itself but you manage to pull it off.

Now to begin with the musical genius that is Boston started off with "Piece of Mind." I'll tell you I know every word to every song and I'm only in my early thirties. But, there were kids there who were like sixteen that also knew the words! I was highly anticipating "Higher Power" but I did not hear that one or I may have been in the bathroom. "Rock ‘N Roll Band" got everyone off their ass and dancing in their seats and everyone began clapping. Brad is so full of vibrancy and health -- it's really a wonderful thing. They totally rocked and they played "Amanda," which took me back to when I was married, it's a very romanticized song that just uplifts your spirits and is such a celebration of song and spirituality. I also get that in the song "Higher Power," but as I said I missed that one. Brad's magical magnetism really shines through and his demeanor overpowering in this tune.

For "Cool The Engines," I could not believe they used smoke machines to create an eerie backdrop a vampiric Fran Cosmo running throughout the aisles with a black cape. I can't believe they made "Cool the Engines" a vampiric satire. Simply incredible! They had a Gothic-Industrial type of sound on the keyboards at the opening of the song and then they progressed into a symphony of musicianship that just pretty much amazed everyone in the audience. The guitarists’ climactic ending was the epitome of what rock ‘n roll should sound like, in my opinion. I've only heard this in such songs as Paul McCartney's "Baby I'm Amazed." These kind of tunes were what rock ‘n roll was built on. It's in the Beatles and it's in Boston.

“Smokin'” is another hit that they played with everyone dancing around. And by the way, another band earlier whom I unfortunately missed due to traffic, Styx attempted "I Am the Walrus" and I heard you guys did an unbelievable set. However, I was unable to witness that. Anyways, Boston was a concert within itself. "Walk On" was another anthem they played in their lengthy set, and of course, their set also ended in a symphony of great guitar jammin’ sound. Overall terrific venue at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Plus, Arrowfest had a variety of fans of all ages coming together for this concert. ROCK ON!

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