Queensryche Live in Seattle

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Sunday, October 24, 2004 @ 2:03 AM

Queensryche Live at the Moore

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REVIEW BY: kidnothing

The challenge has been set. Any band willing to try, please step up and take your shot. However, be prepared to fail.

On the second night beginning the "Operation: Mindcrime Tour," both of which were sold out, the 'Ryche provided an amazing setting for music and theater. Opening for themselves, Queensryche played around a 50-minute set of "hits." From older songs like "The Lady Wore Black" and "Take Hold of the Flame," Geoff Tate showed his vocal capacity has not diminished. Adding in "Jet City Woman," "Empire," "Another Rainy Night (Without You)," and "Open" from the Tribe CD, QR played a flawless set that was as tight as anybody could dream of. They ended the opening set with "Silent Lucidity," joined on stage by a string section. It was simply a cool sight!

After about a 20-25-minute break, the stage had been altered with props and a video screen to help tell the Mindcrime story. The one of a failing America, Nikki, Mary and Doc. X involving control, love and murder. As the screen opened with the original cartoon animation used back in '88, "I Remember Now," the stage was set. Jumping into "Anarchy-X," Michael Wilton and newcomer Mike Stone were solid. As Tate belted into "Revolution Calling," the video images behind him were updated for today's woes. Using George Bush, both Sr. and Jr., it made me think that in '88, maybe QR was way ahead of their time when Mindcrime was recorded.

The highlight was of the set was probably during "Suite Sister Mary" when Tate, and local singer Pamela Moore, performed a great duet between "Mary and Nikki." Adding in the string performance again, I couldn't help but notice those around me enthralled in the simple, but elegantly-played stage show. The lighting, music and set were perfect for the story and small stage.

For those not knowing how Mary dies, I won't spoil the ending. However, I will say read your Operation: LiveCrime CD booklet again. It becomes pretty obvious.

As QR played out the remaining songs, people on all levels of the theater were singing and dancing along during "Breaking the Silence" and "I Don't Believe in Love." At the culmination of "Eyes of a Stranger," Wilton and Stone stood center stage perfectly performing the final chords in unison.

At the end, the band came center stage and bowed for a standing, screaming, appreciative audience. Then joined by the actors and string director for one more bow, they all left the stage. Then, the video screen counted down and gave a small tease of the new CD coming out next year: Operation: Mindcrime II. The first single, is titled "Hostage." Simply said, I can't wait.

Perhaps other bands have had a greater impact on music and pop culture, but few match the intensity and thought-provoking that QR has over 20+ years in the business. In this unique blast to the past, they decided to stand on their own, not using an opening band; stating for all to hear and see that Queensryche rocks! As one t-shirt states: "Got Ryche?" If not, you damn well better.

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