Queensryche Live in Vancouver

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, November 1, 2004 @ 11:06 AM

Queensryche Live at the Commod

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REVIEW BY: Kevin in Vancouver

Hey guys Kevin here in Van B.C. Just went out to the Queensryche show here last night and decided to drop a line about it. All I can say is BLOODY PHENOMENAL… Geoff Tate's voice is bang on. I had some worries about whether he was going to be able to hit all the notes he hit before, but was pleasantly made wrong. Michael Wilton and Mike Stone, both did amazing jobs on guitars. Most comments about no Chris DeGarmo, were quickly silenced.

It was a three hour show, with the first being all songs from the EP, Warning, and Empire. The lone song, “Open,” was the only tune played from more recent albums, and none of “Promised Land” was represented. Kinda wierd, but GREAT setlist nonetheless. The first set was about an hour and a bit. Then there was an intermission before the AMAZING Mindcrime set. In all it's surround sound glory. This defiantly was the BIGGEST sounding show I have been to ever.

When the performance started, you could hear all the orderly's walking and people talking in the hospital, as it does on the album, and feel actually there, as they played the screen behind the band. The addition to THIS tour however was the four actors they have employed to make this a real performance in every sense of the word.

I advise ANYONE in the US that this small tour hits, to go to this show. You'll be missing the best ticket this year. The setlist to the best of my memory was as follows. I have included a write up about what happens on stage during the Mindcrime performance, so if you don't want to spoil it, don't read that part.

First Set:

Take Hold Of The Flame
Can't remember what the 3rd song was, something off of the EP, I think “Another Rainy Night (Without You)”
The Rain (I believe that was what it was called, I had a screaming guy beside me, but I don’t recall ever hearing it before, and I can't find it on any of my albums.)
Jet City Woman
Last Time in Paris
Lady Wore Black

Second Set: Operation:Mindcrime

Intro with an actor as Nikki, with a megaphone shouting about change and revolution, as the attendants take him off the stage as the intro video starts and the Mindcrime cartoon starts to play.

I Remember Now Anarchy X
Revolution Calling
- at this point the actor comes out dressed as Geoff Tate is, with the jean jacket on and sits by a phone and bottle of Vodka on the stage as the phone rings to start..
Operation: Mindcrime
- Geoff Tate comes out now with an actress looking like a nurse and himself with a long black jacket on the play the part of Doctor X.
Spreading the Disease
- Pamela Moore makes her first appearance of the night during Spreading the Disease and is now trading off vocals with Geoff Tate, during the lyrics about her character. It was a nice addition as she only sang a couple of lines in ONE song before.
The Mission
Suite Sister Mary
The Needle Lies
- It is after this song they actually add a bit. They now include a scene in which the phone rings and Mary answers it. It's DR.X on the other end, telling her to pick up the gun off the table and shoot herself, which she does. This is the only contradictory part of the show as you find out later during Eyes Of A Stranger she supposedly was found hanging by the neck from her rosary. Anyhow, a cool addition nevertheless.
Electric Requiem
I Don't Believe In Love
Waiting For 22
My Empty Room
Eyes Of A Stranger

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