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Megadeth Live in Hollywood

By Mike Bosley, Contributor
Wednesday, November 3, 2004 @ 11:04 PM

Megadeth and Exodus Live at th

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Metal horns were held high as two of the metal originators stormed into the Hollywood Palladium on October 29th! Exodus and Megadeth proved that they had aged like a fine wine and can still whip a crowd into a frenzy, just as they did twenty years earlier.

Exodus took the stage first with the aid of growler Steev Esquivel from Skinlab. The crowd was totally amped as they roared through tracks from their new album, Tempo of the Damned. But the place really went ballistic when they played their classics, such as "Bonded by Blood." (Unfortunately, security was really tight and I actually missed about half of their set trying to get through the security line). The true power of Exodus was shown during their closer, the ultimate Exodus classic, "Toxic Waltz." Steev sounded great and the entire Palladium rumbled as a gigantic circle pit erupted.

Exodus departed on a very high note. They definitely warmed up this crowd as the whole place shouted "ME-GA-DETH! ME-GA-DETH!" (On a side note, I could not help but smile as the entire crowd sang every word to Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills," which was played over the P.A. during the set change.)

Then the time came. The lights went down and out strolled the newly energized Dave Mustaine with his three new hired guns (guitarist Glen Drover, King Diamond, Eidolon; bassist James MacDonough, Iced Earth; drummer Shawn Drover, Eidolon.) To a shocked and ecstatic crowd the opening number was none other than So Far, So Good...So What! opener "Set the World Afire"!!! Dave was back and he sounded better than ever.

Next up was a trio of crowd pleasers: "Skin O' My Teeth," "Wake Up Dead" and of all songs, "The Killing Road." By this time, the audience was in awe and any doubts about Dave and the new crew were left on the mosh pit floor.

The rest of the set consisted of Deth's usual classics ("Hangar 18," "Tornado of Souls," "Symphony," "Angry Again" and perennial closer "Peace Sells," to name a few) and three new songs off of The System Has Failed ("Kick the Chair," "Die Dead Enough" and "Something That I'm Not.") Unfortunately, Dave being Dave, he had to burn his old Metallica band mates prior to playing the last of the new tracks. (Writer's note: Dave, it was 20 years ago. Live in the now and get over it. You have your own successful band. No need to re-live the incident every single night!) Dave's commentary aside, the band sounded fantastic.

There were a few other interesting things that night. The band did a "Trust/Sweating Bullets" medley, much like they used to do with "Peace Sells" and "F.F.F." Not really sure how or why these songs go together, but it was great to hear both of them.

Furthermore, they completely dissed Killing is My Business, The World Needs a Hero and (to no one's surprise) Risk. They did, however, play three Youthanasia songs, three Countdown… tracks and the aforementioned three The System Has Failed tracks.

Finally, twice during the show, a huge chunk of plaster from the Palladium's ceiling came crashing down in between the stage and the barricade. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But for once when a writer writes, "the band brought the house down" -- he means it literally!

Thrash metal in all its ‘80s-, ‘90s- and new-millennium glory filled the Palladium that night. Fans, young and old, saw two of the founders play their asses off. From the classics to the newest tracks, these bands put on one hell of a show and no one went away disappointed. Metal horns way up for this show!

Set list:

World On Fire
Skin 'O My Teeth
Wake Up Dead
The Killing Road
Darkest Hour
Angry Again
Something I'm Not
Train of Consequences
Reckoning Day
Die Dead Enough
Tout Le Monde
Hangar 18
Kick The Chair
Tornado of Souls
Symphony of Destruction
Trust/ Sweating Bullets
Peace Sells
Holy Wars (encore)

Enjoy the photo gallery from the show (click to enlarge):

(Photos by Sefany Jones/ KNAC.COM)

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