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Vince Neil Live in Tulsa, OK

By Ashley Ramirez, Contributor
Thursday, November 4, 2004 @ 9:53 PM

Vince Neil Live at the Tulsa S

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I'm not much of a State Fair goer but, when my boyfriend told me that he was informed by a relative that Vince Neil was playing at the Tulsa State Fair and the price to see him was fair admission which was a measly $7.00, we couldn't pass it up.

The show was to start at 8:00pm, thankfully Vince did the fashionably late thing as trying to find a place to park was a real bitch. We weren't late after the whole fiasco but were thrilled to get in and get good seats.

Temperatures were in the low ‘60s and to top it off it started to drizzle -- perfect night for a show.

Vince walks out on stage and… oh my God! As you may know Vince is doing a TV show called The Making Over of Vince Neil. The show will be worth checking out as Vince has dropped about 20-25 lbs. and now is sporting brown hair. He is looking better then his early Crue days, but I prefer dark hair any day over blonde.

A very happy and very sober Vince rips into the Motley Crue classic "Live Wire," doing a very solid job on vocals.

'Shout at the Devil" was the next Crue classic, once again Vince did a solid job on vocals and even let the crowd sing along.

Vince welcomes and thanks the crowd for being there, he's truly happy to be performing tonight as Vince goes right into "Wildside."

The title track to the 1987 classic album Girls, Girls, Girls was the fourth song of the evening. Right after the last note, Vince grabs his acoustic guitar and goes right into "Same Ol' Situation" (S.O.S.)

A comical moment occurred during the piano intro to "Home Sweet Home" as Vince was holding the microphone towards the audience for the cheers and winds up dropping it. His band is laughing their asses off and Vince just grins and shrugs his shoulders like ‘hey, what can I do?’ Like a pro, he picks the mic right back up and starts the song as if nothing happened.

The next two songs came courtesy of the Crue's 1989 #1 album, Dr. Feelgood, with the title track and "Don't Go Away Mad" (Just Go Away).

Vince closes out the evening with the classic "Looks That Kill" and thanks the crowd for coming out. The fans stick around calling Vince out for an encore in which Mr. Neil happily obliges.

I was caught by surprise when the band played the intro to "Teaser." I've never heard this track live when I saw the Crue on their ‘Greatest Hits’ tour. The band, specifically guitarist Keri Kelli, played an extended jam that lasted 8-10 minutes.

The real final song of the night was the adrenaline-fueled "Kickstart My Heart." For some reason, the section of the crowd where I was sitting left after "Looks That Kill," which was fine by me but I thought my life was about to flash before my eyes when some five-foot two-hundred pound woman attempted to stand up on her chair. Thankfully she couldn't get up there, the song ended and the band did their thank you bow to the fans.

I would've liked to have heard "Primal Scream" or at least one of his solo songs, especially his ode to preacher’s daughters, "Sister of Pain." I happen to know a girl who is a preacher’s daughter and she is one kick ass chick. Overall I can't really complain or wish this or that as Vince Neil put to rest rumors of his past performances and looked to be really very happy to be playing music for a enthusiastic crowd. Doesn't matter to me if this was a State Fair ‘cause it felt like an intimate club setting. The up-coming reunion/farewell tour should be one of the most anticipated of 2005.

www.vinceneil.net * www.motleycrue.com

Set List:

Live Wire
Shout At The Devil
Girls, Girls, Girls
Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
Home Sweet Home
Dr. Feelgood
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Looks That Kill


Kickstart My Heart

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