LA Guns Live in Thunder Bay

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Thursday, December 2, 2004 @ 11:15 AM

LA Guns Live at Warp 9 in Thun

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REVIEW BY: Ryan Trush

Rewind back to 1990. I’m a 10-year-old guy who previously has heard very few hard rock bands. I see the cover to Cocked & Loaded and am in awe of how awesome the cover is and how rebellious I am holding it. Will the music match with as much intensity? It did… ever since, I’ve supported LAG through every line-up change. Once I saw the LA Guns show announced at the local ‘happening’ club in town Warp 9, nothing could stop me from being there. Not even working an 11 ˝ hour shift the next day. The LA Guns show was announced roughly a week before it happened -- as far as promotion, there were radio spots, with limited promotion and the show being on a Sunday, I didn’t expect there to be a huge amount of people at the show, although I hoped I was wrong.

Opening for the show was Canadian rockers State Of Shock, whom I previously hadn’t heard of before. Their music was very intense and filled with emotion. The vocalist had a similar voice to Tommy Lee, so if you can imagine Tommy Lee making a true rock album -- although this still doesn’t do the band justice. Check them out at www.stateofshockband.com.

The LA Gun line-up for this show was Phil Lewis-vocals, Stacey Blades-guitar, on bass was Jesse Wainwright (State Of shock bassist), Adam Hamilton drums. Steve Riley was unavailable to play these shows due to a family emergency. The band played an impressive set despite the setbacks and low attendance. Attendance-wise, roughly 100 people attended the show. One positive thing about shows with low attendance I find is that the people who go want to be there and are true fans. Stacey did a good job on guitar and the fact that he sang one of my favourite LA Guns tunes “Nothing Better To Do” was priceless! Getting the chance to finally see one of my favourite bands in such an intimate setting is truly a worthwhile experience.

Two shockers they played live were “I Wanna Be Your Man” and “Nothing Better To Do.” LA Guns should have played something off the most underrated CD of 2002, Waking the Dead but with the last minute band change up it’s understandable. If you get the chance to see LA Guns live and you’re a big fan -- obviously don’t miss out!

As far as merchandise, there was the Ripping the Covers CD and A B & W Glossy. No tour shirts? Too bad, the people in attendance at the show that I talked to were hoping to own a souvenir of the concert. After the show, the band hung out for a bit and signed autographs, posed for pictures, etc., which always makes the fans happy and helps the band sell more items! Next time I see LA Guns I hope it can be on a bigger tour (Twisted Sister, Scorpions or doubtfully but hopefully The Crue!)

Here’s the setlist:

No Mercy
Never Enuff
I Wanna Be Your Man
Rock N Roll Outlaw
Nothing Better To Do
One More Reason
Electric Gypsy
Ballad Of Jayne
Rip & Tear

I Just Want To Make Love To You

Any LA Guns fans want to chat e mail me at ryantrush@shaw.ca

(Photos by Ryan Trush)

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