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A Perfect Circle aMotion DVD

By Amber Morrison, Contributor
Thursday, December 16, 2004 @ 0:00 AM


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Finally the best new band that has come out since the start of the new century has put out a DVD that contains their entire video catalogue and then some. The DVD comes courtesy of A Perfect Circle, the art/progressive metal band lead by Maynard James Keenan and former guitar tech Billy Howerdel.

First, the videos…

"Judith"- The first ever video is directed by acclaimed director David Finch. Finch, has also directed videos for Madonna, Iggy Pop, Sting, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, and Billy Idol among others and has directed some of the best movies of the past ten years including Panic Room, The Game, Se7en, and Fight Club. The unedited video is a performance piece that features Fincher's trademark of single frames that flash on the screen in the middle of a scene.

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"3 Libras"- A beautiful masterpiece directed by Paul Hunter who keeps the theme of the video with the song.

"Weak and Powerless"- The first video off of Thirteenth Step. The song is of course a metaphor for the addict to admit that they're weak to drugs. The images in the unedited video plays to that. Yet the video could be about drugs/alcohol or behavior and the issue is the black hole in the center of your psyche that you try to fill and it never does and never will fill up.

"The Outsider"- This edited video features everyone’s favorite anti-heroins, the Bikini Bandits, on one of their many wild adventures. I will have more on the bandits later.

"Thinking of You"- This video features the Bikini Bandits and the Golden Rod Trilogy that was seen on APC's last DVD Lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

"Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums"- APC's first animated video is directed by Bikini Bandits director Steve Grasse. It features every redneck’s idol and our favorite brain-dead Jesus freak from New Haven, Connecticut… George W. Bush, who goes on an adventure as an Orwell big brother type and a war monger who gathers up sheep for his propaganda. Please don't yell at me for political issues, that is the content of the video. Watch and judge for yourself.

"Blue"- The band had a contest for their fans to direct this video. The winner is named Joseph Perez and Mr. Perez took the theme of a loved one in denial to the next step. The video shows the dead addict buried in his coffin and then his loved one proceeds to dig him up in time for a romantic dinner as if everything is fine and dandy. I really hope this isn't the last video we see from Joseph Perez cause it looks like he has a long career ahead of him.

"The Noose" (Live)- Basically this is a live clip of the band in concert. If you seen them on their last tour then this will give you a walk down memory lane.

"Imagine"- This video has a bit of everything from tongue-in-cheek to disturbing war images. It could easily make John Lennon smile as director Jerry Casale catches everything that the song represents.

In the bonus section is the unedited video version of "The Outsider" and the first three runners-up in the "Blue" contest. I would've hated to have judged the finalists, as all three -- four, if you include the winner -- were just so brilliant. The runners-up were Gregorie Pinard, Will Young and Christopher Abbas. My personal choice was Will Young with his animated look at life in what he called “subverbia.”

- The final part of the bonus material is three trailers for Bikini Bandits movies. The first one for Bikini Bandit Experience, which is already out in stores. These movies could only be described as a cross between Russ Meyer, Quentin Tarantino and Amazon Women on the Moon. Experience features APC vocalist Keenan as the devil, and the late Dee Dee Ramone as the Pope. If Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider are your kind of comedies, then this humor might just go right over your head. Next trailer is for the first animated bandits movie The Bikini Bandits Save Christmas, where Keenan plays Father Christmas. Last trailer is a promo for Bikini Bandits Sauvent Le Monde (Bikini Bandits Save the World) that has Keenan and lead Bandit, Heather, promoting the movie in a hot tub. Funny stuff when Heather starts naming off the Bandits and Keenan talks about how he'd like to bone them all the while killing people and showing off his Grammy. For more information on the Bikini Bandits check out their website www.bikinibandits.com.

There is a still photo gallery that features the bands entire career so far including past members Paz Lenchantin and Troy Van Leeuwen as well as the rest of the lineup: Josh Freese, Jeordie White and James Iha. Also included is video clips of the band doing soundchecks, backstage footage of them playing air guitar to the Journey song, "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).” How I know the name of that song, I'll never know. More comedy from Keenan as he is dressed as a drunken Santa Clause.

Last but not least is separate commentary by Keenan and Howerdel on the meaning of the songs and videos. With no disrespect to Howerdel, Keenan's commentary will have your ears glued to the television.

A remix CD is also thrown in.... "Judith" (Renholder Mix) which can also be heard on the Underworld soundtrack that I reviewed in early ‘04. Two "3 Libras” remixes – “Feel My Ice Dub” mix and “All Main Courses” mix. "Weak and Powerless" (Tilling My Grave Mix), "The Outsider" (Frosted Yogurt Mix), "Blue" (Bird Shake Mix) and two mixes of "The Hollow" (The Bunk Mix) and (Constantly Craving Mix). “Craving” mix is unique with the classical music sound of it.

This set is a perfect way to end APC's successful one-year odyssey that began with last year’s blockbuster, Thirteenth Step CD, a sol-out world tour, a collection of protest songs, and finally a DVD. MJK is back with Tool and while we eagerly await that new release there is plenty to keep us entertained with until APC comes back from hiatus.

DVD: * * * * *

CD: * * * 1/2

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