Trouble Live in Chicago

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Friday, December 17, 2004 @ 8:03 AM

Trouble Live at the Penny Road

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REVIEW BY: Gene Kulin

One of the great things about living in Illinois (besides it being a true blue state) is that it is the home of doom metal legends TROUBLE. The band often plays in the area before major tours, and before heading into the studio.

Last night was one of those nights, as the band descended upon the Penny Road Pub in the western suburbs of Chicagoland. A favorite place for the band to play at, but one has to wonder why the metal gods have been so cruel to the boys in Trouble. While Metallica pukes out their weakest effort ever and is still able to play to millions world wide, Trouble plays to sold-out venues to be sure of, but more of the club/ small theater circuit variety. It hardly seems fair since their catalog is easily as good, if not better, than that of the mighty Metallica. Hopefully, their new effort, which will be out next year, as well as vocalist Eric Wagner’s appearance on Dave Grohl’s metal side project PROBOT, this year will push them back into the spotlight where they belong.

None of this mattered last night though as the band played a set that dipped deep into their rich history as well as giving the faithful a taste some new material. After local American Motherload played a workman-like set, Century Media recording artists Brand New Sin unveiled their new line up and took the stage. Looking like they just spilled out of the local tattoo shop, BNS blasted there way through oldies such as “SPP,” and “Judgment Day,” while also showcasing some new tunes as well. The band was happy to be back out on the road and toasted those that made it out of Syracuse to see them.

Trouble took the stage and brought the hammer down for sure by opening with the “Tempter.” Eric, Bruce, Ron, and Jeff all looked great and delivered the goods for sure as they then kicked into the “Wickedness of Man,” and then onto “Revelations,” after which Eric remarked “Ah, we’ve had our fun.”

It was then onto “The End of My Daze,” and “Sinners Fame,” from the Rick Rubin-produced self-titled album of 1990. The band looked great and was pleased to see the crowd singing along with each song and shouting out greetings to each member. It was then onto the moody “Flowers,” before plowing into “Heaven on My Mind.” The crowd was then treated to a new song the band had been working on called “Weather.” It was a great preview for the faithful that had come out to see the band. It was then back to the self-tilted album for “Psychotic Reaction.” A crushing song, to be sure. Bruce kicked off “Fear” with the wicked riff that begins that song and Trouble was rolling along, delivering the goods like no other band out there. Next up was “Memory’s Garden,” one of my personal favs followed by “Manic Frustration.” A cover of the Monkee’s “Porpoise Song,” as featured on the band’s Plastic Green Head LP, followed, closing out the set. An appropriate choice as the strains of Eric’s vocals rang out he bid a fond farewell to the crowd and the band followed suit.

The band came out for an encore and blasted through “Touch The Sky” as well as “All Is Forgiven.”

Set List: Tempter, Wickedness Of Man, Revelations, End Of My Daze, Sinners Fame, Flowers, Heaven On My Mind, Weather, Psychotic Reaction, Fear, Memory’s Garden, Manic Frustration, Porpoise Song, Touch The Sky, All Is Forgiven

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