Motley Crue Live in Cleveland

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Thursday, March 17, 2005 @ 12:25 AM

Motley Crue Live at the Gund A

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REVIEW BY: budwhysr

In typical Cleveland weather, the evening of 02/22 brought out one of our trademark sloppy snow storms. This did not deter the near-capacity crowd to witness the band that is Motley Crue. The show was scheduled to start at 7:30PM, but the band did not take the stage until shortly after 8:30. Good thing, due to the extreme lines trying to enter the arena. Note to arena staff: train your staff in line management. It took over 40 minutes to just enter the place. This is probably why the start was delayed, which was fine by me.

The stage was covered by a large “big-top” circus tent, which looked really good. A short, intro video started the show. The band portrayed themselves in the flick similar to the puppets from the movie Team America. I’m not usually one for these types of opening videos, but it was actually pretty funny. This might have been due to the fact that I was completely under the influence… They opened the show with “Shout at the Devil.” The only negative thing I can say about the show is that they chose to play the “new” version of Shout instead of the kick-ass original. Note to band: Your fans would rather hear the original version – it’s one of your top draws.

The band sounded great. All four kicked ass. Mick moved around much more than he has in the past and as usual, played awesome. Definitely one of the most underrated guitarists of his time. Vince actually sounded great too. I’m sure other reviewers are going to be pretty critical, but if you’ve seen Motley live before, you know what to expect from him. No, he’d never win an American Idol contest, but who gives a crap. His style is a perfect fit for the music and it works. He made it through the entire both sets without losing his voice. The band was firing on all cylinders and delivered a loud, kick-ass, motley, rock show.

The show was filled with great tunes and an awesome stage show. I have not seen a concert like this since the last time they went out on a major tour. There were tons of pyro, explosions, lights, etc. It all added to the show’s appeal without distracting. They are the masters of presentation when it comes to a big stage production. Dancing girls, midgets, and a Cirque du Soleil type thing. Vince and Nikki drove their Harleys out on to the stage for the opening of the second set, leading up to “Girls Girls Girls.” Tommy’s drum solo was pretty cool too. It was more of a percussion thing than a standard rock drum performance. It just showed a little more versatility than other rock drummers.

The show was spilt up in to two sets. The first set covered their older material and the second their latter. Personally, I enjoyed the first set more. With so many tunes available from their catalog, they were bound not to play several I wanted to hear. Notable omissions: Anything from New Tattoo, most everything from Generation Swine (only played a piece of “Glitter” – which was not that great of a choice), “Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room,” “Knock ‘Em Dead Kid.” The great things were to hear a couple of older tunes that haven’t been performed live in a long time: “On With the Show,” “Louder Than Hell,” “Red Hot.” “On With the Show” was one of the best songs they did that night. Came out freakin’ awesome live.

Below is the set list. It may not be in order except for the openers and closers, but all the songs are there. I highly recommend going to the show if you’re a fan. I ended up buying a second set of tickets the day of the show and ended up with floor seats, which were killer. If you’re concerned about cash or dislike the band, don’t worry about it and don’t go, simple as that.

Set 1

1. Shout at the Devil
2. Too Fast for Love
3. Ten Seconds to Love
4. Looks That Kill
5. On With the Show
6. Louder Than Hell
7. Too Young to Fall in Love
8. Red Hot
9. Live Wire

Set 2

1. Girls, Girls, Girls
2. Wild Side
3. Primal Scream
4. Dr. Feelgood
5. Glitter/Without You
6. Home Sweet Home
7. Don’t Go Away Mad
8. Tommy’s Drum Solo
9. If I Die Tomorrow
10. Sick Love Song
11. Kickstart My Heart


1. Helter Skelter
2. Anarchy in the UK

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