American Sugar Bitch Live in New York

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Friday, May 6, 2005 @ 1:32 PM

At the Continental

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American Sugar Bitch at the Continental, New York.
Saturday, March 26
By: Panty Stain

On Saturday night I made my way over to the Continental to check out American Sugar Bitch. I know their music but this was the first time I would "get my bitch on" live. After driving into New York City my stress level was through the roof, as I was preparing for a taxi to drive up my ass at any moment. The first thing I did at the bar was to order a shot, as I was happy I did not receive a vehicular enema on my way to the club.

If you are in New York you have to check out the club. There is such nostalgia within these walls- Iggy Pop, Patti Smith the Ramones have all played at the Continental. The club is known for their award winning sound and their support for the scene. (The bathroom is something to be desired, but hey, after a few drinks it will do). The club is one room with the bar along the side when you first come in and there are a few tables. So if you want to sit, come early!

American Sugar Bitch started at 8:30 PM, so I arrived around 7:45 PM. I found the club all ready full when I arrived, many people were sporting American Sugar Bitch T-shirts. I met up with two girlfriends who were positioned at the bar and gabbing away with a good looking tall Billy Idol-ish looking man. My friend introduced me to Matt, the guitarist from ASB. He had a quick beer with us ladies before he had to get ready to play.

The band came on in a fury, they were full of energy and the crowd was happy to respond back. The singer, Dave Weakley had a strong voice and you could tell he was there to kick the living crap out of us. It was fresh to see a band that could play AND put on a great live show. They gave themselves a good workout moving around the stage & they made eye contact with the crowd. I am sure if there was more room they would have been up on the bar and jumping off the stools. They were really tight and transitioned well from one song to the next.

I have all 3 CDs from ASB and was happy to hear songs from all 3 of them in their 35 minute set. The songs that stuck in my head from the set are: Goodbye, Polluted, Spilling Blood and Passing Time and of course "Work Sucks".

The song "Work Sucks" really got the entire club into it. Everyone was singing along with Weakley and laughing at his comments. This song should be the anthem for every working man & woman.

Set list:

8 Days a Week
Strange Fruit
Spilling Blood and Passing Time
Same as You
I Hate You
Work Sucks

After the show the entire band was mingling with the crowd. They were very approachable & fun to party with. By the end of the night I got to meet everyone in the band. I have seen many bands that do not attempt to meet anyone, these guys were cool enough to take the time to have a few drinks with their fans.

You can find out more about the band at: AmericanSugarBitch.com

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