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Look What The NAMM Dragged In: An Exclusive Interview With Poison's Rikki Rockett

By Diana DeVille, Rock Goddess
Wednesday, February 6, 2002 @ 12:32 AM

KNAC.COMís Resident Rock Godde

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As you know, Iím always down for a little shot of Poison, so I hooked up with my pal and love-advice show compadre Rikki Rockett, drum-meister of Poison, at the NAMM convention to find out whatís up in the land of glam slam noize. Our conversation follows:

KNAC.COM: Tell me about NAMM. Youíve been doing several different endorsements here. Tell me about those.

RIKKI ROCKETT: Yes I have. Iím kind of a NAMM rat. I know itís weird, and I should beÖyou know, I see all these people that just kind of buzz in here real quick, do a signing and leave, and are real ďrock starĒ about it. Thatís cool, but I like hanging out. I like seeing stuff, I like seeing the new products, and what everybodyís pushing, and just the whole vibe, you know? This is like the pulse of the music industry in terms of musical instrument merchants. So itís neat to see, I think. Itís great to see it, a lot of energy.

KNAC.COM: So what has been the best part of being at NAMM so far?

Rikki and Diana
RR: Honestly, thereís some really cool innovative products. For a long time, it seemed like it was just like, either people were trying to reinvent the wheel or they were coming up with really cheesy products just to be different, and now it seems like theyíre making cooler innovations out of cooler materials, you know, just like a unique spin stuff that lasts longer, like everyone keeps raising the envelope. People are making stuff out of billet aluminum and titanium and all that stuff and applying it to pedals and drums, and whatever, and itís awesome to see.

KNAC.COM: I know youíve been a fan of the titanium drum set. Iíve been hearing so much about that lately

RR: Iím the titanium pimp, you know?

KNAC.COM: Yes! Okay, letís talk about Poison for a little bit. I know youíve been in the studio recording. Howís that coming?

RR: Itís going really good. Weíre almost done. Iím doing percussion on Monday and backgrounds on Tuesday, and thatís it. Iím done. I did all the drum tracks before the holidays. So itíll be out like April weíre looking at, and a tour in May, do a summer thing, a summer extravaganza.

KNAC.COM: Great! Do we have a name for the record yet?

RR: No. I personally like Say It, Donít Spray It, because every time someone goes, ďI love Poison,Ē they spit in my face, so I want to make that message clear (laughs), but I donít know if weíre going to get to use that title or not. But I want to go on the record that thatís what I want!

Rikki signs autographs at NAMM
KNAC.COM: (laughs) OkayÖfair enough. As far as touring goes, any bands mentioned for this yearís lineup?

RR: Weíve thrown around a lot of names, so weíre not sure, I mean everything from bringing Cinderella back to Twisted Sister reforming. I donít know at this point, I really donítÖwith everything in between, so you know, weíll see what happens. Weíre talking about having a really big bill and doing like an Ozzfest vibe. Weíre throwing that around, you know, all kinds of ideas, but itís going to be an all summer thing, and we already have a lot of the stuff already scheduled and that sort of stuff.

KNAC.COM: So it might be more of the Memorial Day thing in Texas where there were seven bands on the bill?

Ē Iím kind of a NAMM rat. Iím the titanium pimp.Ē
RR: Weíre thinking about it. Weíre thinking about logistically how to make that happen. Because thatís a lot of work and itís a different vibe. Itís a different kind of way of promoting it and stuff. But I think itíd be cool for us to do that and I think itíd be cool to get people to be a part of that. People really like summer packages like that, because in the summer, you want events. I think the days of just going to one show, paying a bunch of money and getting herded all over the place, itís not so cool anymore. Itís more fun to make a day of it and really make a whole thing, really get your moneyís worth. I think itís a really cool idea. There is something cool about the intimacy of an indoor gig and all that stuff, and I miss a lot of that. Weíve done a few of those too, but this whole idea of bringing a bunch of acts together to make it a festival thing is sort of like a 60ís idea in a way, but itís like today, so you know, itís great, because you get more exposure for other artists and stuff as well. A traveling on-the-road community.

KNAC.COM: Do you think that will present more of a logistical nightmare as far as scheduling and all that sort of thing?

RR: It will, because certain stages are really difficult to get that many acts off and on in an allotted amount of time. Thatís what it is, itís the changeovers that are hard. But we want everybody to do their show. Weíve always been that kind of band. So thatís the only logistic thing. As far as the traveling, not at all. Weíll do all fifty states like we always do and Canada and everything.

KNAC.COM: WonderfulÖlooking forward to it. And one last question that everyone wants to know including myself: Will Dr. Rockett return to the airwaves on KNAC.COM?

RR: Yes, we must return to the airwaves! Absolutely. But I think itís going to be hard to make a continuous schedule because of everything Iím doing right now. So I think just like a couple of weeks in advance, promote it, come in, do it, have fun with it, make it a big day, so yeah I totally want to do it. Are you down with it?

KNAC.COM: I am down with it.

RR: Okay cool. Intern Lori is down with it? (Lori in background agrees).

KNAC.COM: Weíre down with the program. Hey weíre set.

RR: In fact, I had a girl come up to me today and say, ďI have a problem. I canít wait til you get back on the air.Ē I said, ďWell tell me now,Ē and she said, ďNope. Iím saving it.Ē Iím like well okay. So everyone save your problems, donít move, live in limbo (laughs) and do not move on with your life until I come back on the air, okay?

KNAC.COM: So there is, the official prescription from Dr. Rockett!

For more information on Poison and Rikki, check out www.poisonweb.com and www.rikkirockett.com!

Top photo of Rikki by Photo by Garber/Rockett

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