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Gigantour hits West Palm Beach FL

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Sunday, August 14, 2005 @ 9:18 AM

...with the force of a Hurrica

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Review by Berserker

Gigantour: Live at the Sound Advice Amphitheater. West Palm Beach, Fl

It is usually disappointing for me to hear about the many different metal and other music festivals that are held in Europe and the very little that occur in the U.S.....if any. Sure, the U.S. has Ozzfest. Yet, that's the only one that will appear in most of the region. If only we had more.

Thank goodness for Dave Mustaine and his creation: GIGANTOUR! Whether you're a fan of Megadeth's music or care for Dave's perceived public personality (however you may view it), one has to appreciate the fact that Dave is trying to provide metal fans in the states with another festival of eclectic and talented musicians. Gigantour is that and much more.

On Sunday at 4:30, me and a friend made our way into the Sound Advice Amphitheater. Unfortunately, we got caught in a massive storm as we were heading in. Fortunately, security didn't mind to let those with lawn seats to run for shelter under the roof of the amphitheater. This allowed us to sneak in and grab better seats for the night. I was not able to catch any of the acts on the second stage. By the time we walked in, the stage was already covered up due to the rain. Apparently, Bobaflex did play their set, and that was it. Other than them, there was no second stage. Mother nature strikes again at Gigantour. Later on the night, I was handed a sample CD of Bobaflex's material. The two songs that were on there were not that bad.

On to the main stage. Apparently, Nevermore was already in the second half of their set when we walked in. This was strange considering the ticket said doors would open at five. Guess that was another effect of mother nature's tyranny. I had heard a few songs from Nevermore, but did not think much of them. They sounded like the typical decent rhythm section with another annoying screamer at the mike. To my surprise, they were nothing like that at all on stage. The singer actually had a good mix of vocals and screams. The instrumentals were very crisp and flowed well. Their performance changed my opinion of them. I may give them another chance with their new album.

Next was the Dillinger Escape Plan. I noticed that their banner was smaller than all of the other main acts. You can basically see the Fear Factory banner under it. I know that that is not an accurate sign of a better group. However, it might as well be on this day. Their set was a mix of a snoozefest with the annoyance of "Do I really have to sit through this for 45 minutes?' They sounded like a construction yard. You could not hear the "vocalist" whatsoever unless they toned down the tempo. Even then, it appeared as though he was a screamer trying too hard to burst his lungs. This was definitely the time to grab a brew or two.

Finally, the main attractions start to come out. Fear Factory hits the stage with "Demanufacture" (best album in my opinion BTW). Last time I hear Fear Factory live was in 99'. They have greatly improved since then. Burton, Christian, Byron, and Raymond has the cylinders at full throttle thrashing out classics. The crowd also got a preview of the title track of their next album "Transgression." Sounded pretty good. FF is pretty much keeping the same setlist for every show while mxing the order. Good performance overall. Already checking my ears to make sure I can still hear.

To the sounds of "A Clockwork Orange," the first headliners, Dream Theater, appear. DT have always known to be astounding musicians individually and as a whole. Tonight was no different. They had the crowd in a frenzy. I'll point out at this moment that most in the crowd were wearing DT, FF, and Megadeth t-shirts. Nonetheless, DT had the crowd in the palm of their hands from the minute they started playing "The Glass Prison." James Labire was a powerhouse that night. It's amazing the range that his voice has, and how he keeps it in good shape. He was displaying some impressive power chords in several songs such as "Under A Glass Moon," "Endless Sacrifice," and "Lie." The of course, John P., John M., Mike, and Jordan are pros with their instruments. This was exceptionally noticeable in the instrumental part of "Metropolis." Just as the past stops on the tour (and as they thankfully always have), DT mixed up their setlist a bit. I would almost say they stole the show. Dave and Co. sure had a hard act to follow. According to him though, that's what he wants.

Darkness hits, followed by a flash of pyro and "Blackmail the Universe." Megadeth put on a great show. Dave was on top of his game and had a great supporting crew to nail all the classics. The Drover brothers are great at they do, and James Macdonnough adds his talents from Iced Earth to the Deth catalogue. Dave is pretty much keeping the same setlist from his last tour. However, I do not fault him on that decision for two reasons. 1. He has only been touring with these specific musicians for about two years time. By now, they've finally adapted to Dave's style of playing live, and can comfortably play the classics. 2. Dave wants this tour to be a success overall. So, he will not make his crew play a song they're not use to, or will need to practice more heavily on than normal. What is good about this is the fact that they were able to play 19 songs in crisp, clean fashion in the time span of 75 to 90 minutes. They're work ethic is very impressive. They did not even take a second to break until they were six songs into the set. As soon as one song ended, another one began in an instant. This equals money's worth and more for any Megadeth fan.

This was a great festival. FF, DT, and Megadeth alone were worth the money. I encourage every metal fan to check the tour out (especially with tickets ranging from as cheap as $20 bucks to $45). Other touring acts this year have a lot to live up to next to GIGANTOUR!

Fear factory setlists:  Demanufacture Martyr, Cyberwaste, Acres of Skin, Shock, Edgecrusher, Transgression, Archetype, Replica (with the riff from "Walk" before as a tribute to Dime)

Dream Theater Setlists  The Glass Prison, Under A Glass Moon, Panic Attack, Never Enough, Endless Sacrifice, A Fortune of Lies, Just Let Me Breathe, Lie, As I Am, Encore: Pull Me Under/Metropolis

Megadeth setlist, Blackmail The Universe, Set The World Afire, Skin Of My Teeth, The Scorpion, Wake Up Dead, In My Darkest Hour, Die Dead Enough, She Wolf, Reckoning Day, A Tout La Monde, Trust, Angry Again, Hanger 18, Sweating Bullets, Tornado of Souls, Kick The Chair, Symphony of Destruction, Peace Sells, , Encore: Holy Wars....The Punishment Due


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