Disturbed live in Pittsburgh

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Thursday, September 15, 2005 @ 11:50 AM

Disturbed live at the Post Gaz

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Submitted by: Jeff King (AceFrehleydotcom)

One would expect at a Disturbed concert the obvious. The black concert T-shirts. The tattoos. The body piercings. And oh yeah, alot of metal maniacs with shaved heads. Tonight was no different.
We arrived at the Post Gazette Pavilion about 6:30. There was no need to see the many opening bands on this day. We were here to get seriously DISTURBED.
The parking lot was full of scantily clad metal babes. In every direction you could see the "personalities" bouncing with anticipation of a colossal metal show that was about to begin soon. As my cohort and I primed ourselves with some West Virginia cherry flavored moonshine, which was surprisingly smooth and tasty, we saw Disturbed frontman David Draiman cruising through the parking lot on a golf cart flanked by security. Seeing him three hours prior to the band jamming onstage was a welcome treat, along with the KGB my buddy had. We were here, afterall, to party our asses off. So after one or three more chugs of some good old "shine", it was off to the show. We strategically hid the party favors before hitting the security searchpoint, and we were in like Flynn.
We made our way to the second stage. Alot of bands I've never heard of and the stage hands respectfully catching the stagedivers as they were lifted back to the stage. The security was understanding of the crowd and it seemed that everyone was having a fantastic time.
We made our way to the vendors pavilion to grab a sandwich and get another drink when we noticed a line of people waiting in front of a tent. There we saw a sign stating that Disturbed would be signing autographs here shortly. Within 10 minutes, the band walked from behind a security gate towards the tent, and I got to shake David Draiman's hand as he got ready to sign the shirts, cd's and the boobies. (Moment to reflect on why I never got serious about the drums when I was a kid, and yes, I'm kicking myself in the ass for it)  There was a member of the entourage with a rather sophisticated video camera who caught me telling Mike Wengren what a "bad mother fucker" he is. Again, being a drummer, I'm partial to percussionists. He thanked me and took his seat at the signing table. I SO hope that bit makes it to the DVD. I'll consider that my 15 minutes.
9:30 pm. DISTURBED!
The band opened with the new song Guarded, and the rock was on. Draiman thanked the crowd for coming out and went into Liberate, followed by Violence Fetish. After this song, David went into a rap about supporting the Red Cross to help those affected by "THAT SADISTIC FUCKING BITCH KATRINA" and made sure he got his plug in for the American troops fighting in the desert. When he mentioned that he wanted the troops back "here", the crowd went nuts. There is nothing cooler than seeing one of your favorite rockstars getting 15,000 metalheads chanting USA. USA. USA. (David, if you read this, two fists up from me)
The complete song list is below. They played all the hits. Unfortunately they didn't play Mistress, my personal favorite from Believe. I was so happy to see Dan play a solo on the new song Stricken. I can't wait for the cd to come out September 20. He played the solo exactly as you hear it on the album. This band is solid. If you have never seen them, they are totally professional on stage and off. You can't say enough about John's bass playing. Dan is a riff master who has incredible stage presence and had the crowd dropping plates. Mike Fucking Wengren takes the double bass pedal to new heights with his style, (again, I'm a drummer and this dude can play) and David Draiman was virtually flawless, with the exception of Remember. One of my favorite Disturbed songs ever, and not an easy one to sing, especially live. He struggled a few times with the high notes, but covered nicely and I'm sure no one asked for a refund.
Here is the song list in order. I admit the "shine" got to me a little, and there is one song I just can't remember before the encore. If anyone was in Pittsburgh on Friday night, feel free to help me out with that song. And to the girl in the white mini van who I asked to show me her tits while I was video taping everyone leaving the parking lot, a HUGE thank you. You made a perfect night a little better.
Violence Fetish
The Game
The Sickness (and the crowd went off!) Oh, wa ah ah ah
*(forgotten song. damn shine. damn buds)
David Draiman rap: "What song do you want to hear?" (It was unanimous)

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