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Alice Cooper, Wednesday 13 - Portland, OR

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Wednesday, November 2, 2005 @ 11:04 AM

Roseland Theater, October 27

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A review by Sirkus.

On Thursday the 27th, we went to go see the legendary Alice Cooper at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR. I've been amped to go to this show ever since it was announced. The Roseland is an intimate venue, where pretty much every spot has a good view, as anyone who's seen a show there can testify. We had gotten reserved seats in the balcony, which means we were probably 15-20 ft. from the stage. And as you already know, Wednesday 13 was added to the bill for three shows, this night being the first. So not only was I excited to see Alice again, but as a bonus we get Wednesday 13 which pretty much made it a perfect night of music.

He started out his set with “House by the Cemetery” and ripped it up from there. Songs he played included “Bad Things”, “Rot With Me”, “Buried by Christmas”, “Haunt Me”, “I Want You...Dead”, plus he pulled out the FDQ ditties “I Like to Say Fuck” and “Rambo” as a bonus. This was a usual Alice Cooper crowd, most people didn't get into the set at first, but by the time they finished up with “I Walked With A Zombie” they had won the crowd over. I talked with everyone but Ghastly after the show, they were hanging out by the merch booth signing CDs and talking to fans. Wednesday and I talked a bit about his upcoming opening slots for Alice and he was really excited about it, as was Pig...”it's a dream come true!” Wednesday struck me as a lot more reserved than I expected, and we had a great conversation. They need to come back to Portland again soon!

Alice hit the stage with full force, and put on an excellent show. Full of energy, he put a lot of his younger competition to shame with the way he prowled the stage, feeding off the energy of the rabid Portland crowd. I won't post the set list, but I will say that it was the same one he's played this whole tour. Shot after shot of classic Cooper songs filled the audience up like a victory feast. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand the whole time. As far as the band, Roxie, Chuck, Damon and Eric were in stellar form, blasting out the songs with tremendous energy and smiles galore. Chuck has really gotten the material down, and Damon Johnson can really dish out the guitar attack. Roxie of course, was all over the stage, teasing and working the crowd like a pro. And Calice Cooper...wow! What a performer she has turned into! What a proud dad Alice must be to have such a talent in the family. She looks like she is having a ball performing onstage, and I look forward to seeing her work in the future.

All in all, an excellent night of music and horror from two of the masters of the genre. A perfect bill for the season, thanks to the bands for making this "Rocktober" one to remember!

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