Motley Crue in Providence, RI

By Debby Rao, Boston Contributor
Friday, March 10, 2006 @ 9:09 AM

At the Dunkin Donut Center, Ma

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They're Back! Vince, Tommy, Nikki, and Mick, better known as Motley Crue, The Bad Boys of Metal are continuing to invade arenas across the country on their latest re-union tour , which has been going strong for about a year now, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

The Carnival Of Sin Tour rolled in the newly re-named Dunkin Donut Center in Providence tonight , featured a two and half hour power packed set of Motley Crue classic songs, which spanned their twenty year career. Earlier last year, The Crue performed at The TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, and featured two new songs, "Sick Love Song," and "If I Die Tomorrow. Motley Crue decided to drop these two songs tonight, and rely solely on their older repertoire, which made them famous. The band knew what the audience wanted to hear, and they performed each classic hit, as if it were being played for the first time, giving 100 percent back to the fans, who have stood by them since the 80's.

The Motley Crue , Carnival of Sins stage show features a Circus Canvas filled midgets, dancing girls, pyro, and Harley Davidson's, rev-ed up in true , explosive, Motley Crue style.

The show began at 8:20 p.m., with a short clip from the disaster movie.com.. There was no room for any back-up band tonight. The audience , which ranged from adults in their early 40's to teenagers seeing the band perform for the first time, came to hear just one band, 80's Metal heroes Motley Crue.

Opening the show with "Shout At The Devil", the Crue turned the arena into a carnival, and held the audience in the palm of their hand, cranking out such hits as, "Too Fast For Love," Looks That Kill," and "Live Wire." The opening set featured the old school Motley Crue, songs ,as the band looked like they were having the time of their lives onstage.

Front man Vince Neil, sounded amazing, and was a ball of energy , as he yelled to the audience, "You like this old shit." Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx proved to be a ferocious rhythm section as both musicians pounded out "Ten Seconds To Love." It was great seeing Mick Mars in his Black top hat and coat playing all the Crue guitar riffs. One thing that struck me, as I watched this band perform tonight was the special vibe that the band had onstage. During the concert Vince Neil stated, "We have been coming to Providence for a long time now, it is nights like these that make it all worthwhile."

Providence, RI has always seemed to be stuck in the 80's Metal genre. Even during the Seattle grunge era, Metal stilled ruled as the favorite type of music in this city. During the 90's , Vince Neil visited the city many times with his solo band, and help keep Metal alive. Seeing the original members of Motley Crue re-united tonight, proved the band is in it for the long haul, showing Metal fans how to have fun again at a concert. These days it seems there is a lack of real Rock Stars. It is the perfect time for The Crue to make a comeback. Motley Crue have always been larger than life, and tonight''s concert performance proved no exception. As the first hour of The Carnival Of Sins Tour wrapped up, there was a short ten minute intermission as the Crue geared up for the party portion of the night.

Kick in the set off with "Girls Girls Girls", Vince and the boys rode their Harley's onstage and performed a set which featured , "Wild Side", Primal Scream", "Don't Go Away Mad" and "Same Ol Situation" with Vince playing acoustic guitar.

The second set featured many highlights which included "Home Sweet Home", in which the audience lit up the arena their cigarette lighters, and sang the words to the song at one point drowning out. Vince's vocals. The night was full of many impromptu sing alongs, and it was cool to see even the younger audience singing every word to these timeless Crue classics.

One of my favorite highlights occured when our favorite college boy Tommy Lee performed his drum solo . Escorted to the middle of the arena by security, Tommy was lifted up to the drum rise by a wire, and went from drum set to drum set , showcasing his special talent pounding out rhythms to rap, metal, and funk.

Motley Crue never once let down their momentum, as the the night was slowly winding down, as Mick Mars blasted opening riffs to "Kickstart My Heart. Tonight's Carnival Of Sins Tour was full of energy, as Motley Crue helped turned back the hands of time to 1985, when Metal ruled the world, and Vince, Tommy, Nikki, and Mick re-claimed their reign as one of the top metal bands to emerge out of the 80's genre.

In concert, Motley Crue still live life on the edge, giving their fans 100 percent, as they garner a whole new generation of fans on their current tour.

Set List

    Shout At The Devil
    Too Fast For Love
    Ten Seconds To Love
    Red Hot
    On With The Show
    Looks That Kill
    Louder Than Hell
    Live Wire
    Part 2
    Girls Girls Girls
    Wild Side
    Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
    Primal Scream
    Home Sweet Home
    Dr. Feelgood
    Same Ol' Situation
    Kickstart My Heart
    Anarchy In The UK

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