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Motorhead in Hollywood

By Newsferatu, Writer
Wednesday, April 5, 2006 @ 10:14 PM

At the House of Blues

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By Mina aka ĎThraxerí

Everything Louder Than Everyone Else, Motorhead.

Nothing better than getting drunk and singing along to the ear blistering guitars of Lemmy and Co. on a Tuesday night.

The opening band, Meldrum wasnít all to bad. The sight of the shapely singer definitely had all eyes on her through every twist and oh so nice arch of the back. Iím not to familiar with their songs but did see them open for Black Label Society on the Mafia Tour. She definitely did not disappoint. This time around they had the drummer from the Iron Maidens sit in on drums so they were first all female heavy metal band Iíve seen. They played Panteraís Walk and did a pretty descent job on it.

So outside we went and the House of Blues was pretty cool. They let me take my beer outside and sit on a stool and smoke a stogie. We noticed a kid with white laced boots. In case you donít know what that means, it signifies youíre a racist skin head. Shit like that doesnít fly at metal shows or at least shouldnít. So my buddy Steve "The Bald Pit Tank" is a true skin head punk, more the SHARP type, (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) - Aggressively anti-racist and usually political, often left wing. The moniker "SHARP skinheads" is commonly used for all outspoken anti-racist skinheads, even if they aren't members of a SHARP organization. Anti-racist skins also include RASH (Red and Anarchist Skinheads), Redskins, and Anarcho-Skinheads. Red laces signify the Communism. The one thing Steve-O doesnít like is racism, which is one of the things I respect most about the guy. So we took a walk over to the guy and Steve asked him if he knew what he was doing and saying to people with the white laces. He knew so that was that. That type of attitude and procalmantion needs to be left at home and donít ever think your making a statement at a show because no matter how many of you there are, there well always be more of us to kick your ass and shove your face through the fucking floor.

So we headed in to the floor. Nice to see punkers and metal heads standing side by side. It was a very cool crowd. Motorhead took the stage and ripped it up. They dusted off a lot of classics such as Dead Men Tell No Tales, Stay Clean, No Class, Bomber, and Stone Dead Forever. The also did a cool version of Metropolis. Damage Case was as real and raw as a Motrohead song could get. A real treat was hearing Motorhead doing an acoustic song live, Whorehouse Blues. Mikkey Dee did a kick ass drum solo mid show. They then slammed into Overkill, never turning the volume down once.

To my surprise there was actually a pit getting down to the music. You got to understand mosh pits are created through a complex formula which is still unclear to man. All we know for sure is that two elements must be present, alcohol and loud music. And yes the one the only Ace of Spades ended the night. Motorhead played faster than fast that night and for a three piece band that have been around just as long as my old man they fucking blew me away.

We walked out of there deaf. I heard a buzzing in my ear for three days after that. Those lads took loud to a whole new level that night and redefined sound. All in all a kick ass crowd and hell of a band made it a pretty damn good show. Truly the loudest band.

Stay Heavy


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