Devildriver Live in Hollywood

By Newsferatu, Writer
Tuesday, May 16, 2006 @ 8:45 PM

At the Whiskey

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By Thraxer

Ah yes concert night yet again. Five shitty hardcore bands followed by Devildriver, a heavy metal band. First off Hollywood is the place to go see gigs, the Whiskey in particular, you could watch the band while taking a piss. Cool people and they let you mosh and you donít have the pigs rolling up on ya telling you to pour out your beer. Parking was not too bad either, only $5 but then again it was Tuesday. We got their early and cracked a few beers and meet up with some pretty cool Devildriver fans, go figure they actually drank beer and were blasting real music in the parking lot. The guy showing up with his little girlfriend and her friends werenít exactly there to see Devildriver. The hardcore fans were pulling about half way into the parking space next to us and then backing out, I mean come on thee already pussing out in the parking lot.

So after we killed all the beer we headed in with our new buds and met a few more of their buds, pretty cool to meet fellow metal fans that share the same respect for the music and pit as you do. So we decided to have a little fun when we got in their and while the last bullshit hardcore band was finishing up we started to circle pit thus raining on the pretty boys cherry picking. Have you seen this shit man, fucking lame ass pussy slam dancing. They stand there and throw punches and kicks, fucking kicks. As soon as someone lifts the leg of the floor they cannot expect not to get laid out. All that was missing was the fucking linoleum, god dam you fucking break-dancing hardcore fucks. The funniest shit was when the security guard comes up to us and says hey ďI know what you all are trying to do, but knock it off they are going to start cryingĒ. One dude threw a punch so I shoved him into the post and he gets all butt hurt, Iím like come on when you throw a punch donít get upset when I punch back you hardcore pussy, no good loser fucking wannabe, pretty boy, Iím too scared to mosh for real or I might mess my hair up so I stand in place and kick. Fuck all of you losers. And you know what Iím allowed to say what ever I want because I actually mosh. Thatís the science of the pit you get hurt and inflict hurt on others, it s a yin and yang thing. Someone lights you up you get up because first off if he knows the rules heíll help ya up, you give him his just praise and next time around youíll probably light him up, not this pussy kicking and chick slapping bullshit. But hey who can blame them people who listen to pussy music that thinks its bad ass of course will rock out to it in the pussy fashion.

Anyways so finally all the bullshit cleared out as soon as the bullshit music stopped. Sure was a lot more elbowroom in that joint when all that bullshit hardcore took off. Glad to see so many Devildriver fans and so little hardcore boys stick around. So we met this other cool cat, guy said he was like 39 but thatís way bad ass cause the old guys usually teach ya a lesson in the art of moshing. So Devildriver hit the stage and kicked our asses, god I love it, they opened with none other then End Of The Line. The pit was insane. A real pit. A mans pit. Every guy going against the grain and the few freelance guys made it a rush. There were by far some of the biggest dudes Iíve had the pleasure of running alongside. The beer slicked floor made it even more of a test of balance, either it was beer or a oil slick of melted hair gel from those yuppyís before us. There were some hard-hitting folk in that one. Dez belted out his vocals. Is it me or is that guy very reminiscent of a young cool Phil Anselmo, probably because Phil took him under his wing after he left Coal Chamber and showed him the dark side of metal.

Oh ya side note, for all you lame asses always putting down Devildriver because Dez use to be in Coal Chamber shut the fuck up. His is Devildriver not Coal Chamber, even big bad Pantera started off as a glam band remember! Have you not seen the pictures of Big Bad Phil and the boys in tights and glitter in their hair. Pantera did some shit they probably regret but yaíll donít hold that against them so donít hold shit against Dez or his boys, because his new band will sure as fuck kick your ass. They flattened the Whiskey. The guitars on Impending Disaster, Sin And Sacrifice, and The Fury Of Our Makers Hand were sick man. I mean go dam these guys are a tight heavy metal band. They play just as intense live as they do on cd. Dezís vocals accommodate the bands talent very well. The drumming on Before The Hangman's Noose and I could Care Less among all the other jams they nailed, was pretty on. That dude was a metronome. The pit was truly a sight, some gal even tried to start hardcore dancing and you ask yourself why would you even think try that while a metal band is on, but sure enough she got taken out quick, oh ya her boyfriend didnít do shit. They played a good number of their songs and Dez was more than thanking us for being us. This guy is a class act, heís all about the circle pit and even called all that hardcore shit fucking lame and he sure as hell was getting off on how much we were moshing, his style. The last number was Meet the Wretched and the pit actually quadrupled in size and was full steam ahead in traditional circle fashion. It was about 4 people deep, butt to gut. A swear a saw paper and little kids getting sucked into the center like it was a black hole.

P.S. if I piss you off with my reviews, write a letter! You think I care or in any way will change my style of reporting what I see or experience. You think that by listing every single song they play will make it any better for you, you missed the show so how is me listing every song on the set list going to better your metal experience. You didnít go. You missed out. Not me. I rocked. And Iím writing the review, so I write what I think and see and feel. Ok the topic at hand is what I saw not what you want to hear. As long as it happened on the way there, in line outside, getting a beer at the bar, or in the mist of moshing then itís of total relevance to the show at hand.

Stay Heavy!

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