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Rebel Meets Rebel Review With Comments From BLS Guitarist Nick Catanese

By Debby Rao, Boston Contributor
Friday, May 19, 2006 @ 11:48 AM

"Dimes Playing Is At An All-Ti

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On December 8 , 2004 the music world lost a true guitar hero Dimebag Darrell Abbott. It seemed like that dark day will forever go down in music history as 911 for all musicians in the metal world. On the new Rebel Meets Rebel Cd, it is heartwarming to see that Dime's legacy will forever live on in this, one of his greatest musical endeavors.

"Rebel Meets Rebel" is a side project that features founding Pantera members Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown, and country singer David Allan Coe. The album was recorded between 1999 - 2003.

"Rebel Meets Rebel" takes a bold new direction in music combining metal and country, as best would be described as the Allman Brothers all jacked up and ready to rock and roll. From the get go, Dime takes control of the wheel, cruising down the highway full speed ahead with his masterful guitar shredding, and heartfelt melodic riffs.

Dime and Vinnie Paul, who were born in Texas, really showcase their musical roots with some good ol' down and dirty power packed countrified tunes. The addition of the 70 year-old (plus) David Allan Coe really adds a special country twang to the southern rock influenced album.

"Rebel Meets Rebel" opens with the first single,"Nothin To Lose". The hard-driving guitar riffs set the tone for most of the album. "Rebel Meets Rebel" and "Cowboys Do More Dope" rock hard and get your feet a stomping to those good ol' country boys. of rock and roll. This song is a tribute Dimebag's spontaneous and fun-loving rock and roll attitude.

Dime really showcases his diversity as a guitar hero on this album. He goes from skull-crushing guitar riffs to showing his sensitive side, as truly as one of the best guitar players in the world. Dime had a heart of gold, as the warmth of his personality really shines on two of my favorite ballad songs "Panfilo", and "Heart Worn Highway."

From start to finish, Vinnie Paul's drumming is flawless, as the legend truly never misses a beat laying down the pulverizing drum beats that proves to be the backbone of this album. There are so many southern rock influences on this album, David Allan Coe really does a great job, adding a special Thin Lizzy twang to most of the songs.

Other highlights of this 12 song CD include "Arizona Rivers" and "Time."

"Rebel Meets Rebel" is truly Dime's vision. Thanks to Vinnie Paul and his label Big Vin Records, the vast legion of Dimebag Darrell Abbott's fans will have one more chance to hear one of the truly greatest guitars in metal , unleash one of his greatest works.

Sit back, kick off your shoes, pour the Crown Royal, and crank up one of the best releases of this year.

Last April, I got to experience first hand the talent of Vinnie Paul, when he performed the song "Suicide Messiah" with Black Label Society. I recently spoke to Black Label Society guitarist Nick Catanese about the new "Rebel Meets Rebel" album, and his thoughts about Dimebag's legacy and vision for the new album.

KNAC.COM: Nick, I know you were a good friend of Dimebag, and I was wondering about your thoughts on the sound of the new "Rebel Meets Rebel" album.

CATANESE: It is fucking unreal. Dimes playing is at an all time high. The songs are fucking threw the roof. I love DAC, he fits the total package.

KNAC.COM: "Rebel Meets Rebel" has a countrified metal sound. The album truly exemplifies Dimebag Darrell Abbott diversity as a guitar player. How do you feel about the new direction that Dime and Vinnie Paul were taking on the album? Did you know that Dime had a country side to him?

CATANESE: Hell yeah, the man is from Texas baby. He had some country in him even in the CFH days, played CFH without distorting, it is a great country lick. He was such a well rounded player., he just fucking ruled.

KNAC.COM: What are your favorite songs off of "Rebel Meets Rebel?

CATANESE: Not to sound cliche, each song is amazing in it's own right, and the playing is sick as shit. I love "Cowboys Do More Dope," and "Nothin to Lose."

KNAC.COM: Dime was such an extraordinary guitarist. What did you learn from Dime?

CATANESE: Be yourself and have fun every fucking day of your life. Dime never went a day without having a fucking blast. He would call me up at casinos and we would talk about how much money we had each lost. He would say, "Twin, Live it up man. Let it roll. Getcha pull."

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