Tracii Guns Live in Hartford, CT

By Debby Rao, Boston Contributor
Monday, May 22, 2006 @ 12:32 AM

At the Webster Theater

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One of most influential guitarists to emerge out of the 80's genre is Tracii Guns. In concert, Tracii has an innovative guitar that is all his own. For all the L.A. Guns fans who have followed Traciiís career over the years, you will be happy to learn the metal gun slinger is back in full force, re-united with 3 thirds of the original LA. Guns.

Tracii's band includes his son Jeremy Guns on bass, original L.A. Guns singer Paul Black on vocals, and original L.A. Guns drummer Nickey Alexander. This concert featured one of Traciiís best performances. The 80's guitar legend unleashed a raw powerful energy that could easily be compared to the early heyday of L.A. Guns.

Last time that I saw Tracii perform was with Brides of Destruction in Hartford last fall. Although the band put on a great performance, I could tell it was not where Tracii wanted to be. Let me tell ya, after seeing Tracii perform with his former band mates tonight, Tracii has come home. The chemistry between the band is amazing, everyone is like brothers. Backstage Tracii was so excited to be performing with such caliber musicians, the vibe was just like the heyday of early L.A. Guns raw and exciting.

Tracii Guns and Company hit the stage at 10 P.M. and performed a 90-minute set of early LA. Guns classic tunes, plus some of Tracii's favorite covers, and the band even threw in a BOD song, "Shut The Fuck Up." Paul Black was like a bundle of energy, as Tracii played his heart out on this new-age anthem.

The band opened with L.A.P.D. and then whipped into the early L.A. Guns hits,"One More Reason", and "No Mercy." I have seen Tracii perform these songs many times in the past, but tonight's performance was just like seeing the band perform for the first time. All of the members were really into the songs, and giving the best performance possible.

Lead singer Paul Black has a punk rock style that totally compliments Traciiís hard edge driven riffs. The rhythm section of Jeremy Guns and Nickey Alexander were really tight, never missing a beat jumping from punk, to metal, to acoustic.

Next up Tracii and company performed an acoustic version of The Rolling Stones song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." One of the highlights occur-ed on the next song, "Ballad of Jayne." The band performed this song acoustically, as all attention was on Tracii's brilliant guitar playing. The acoustic version of this song was melodic, and full of passion. Tracii shined on the acoustic lead.

The set list was quite diverse as Paul announced that the band would be playing the first L.A. Guns song ever written, "Winters Fool." Paul said that the new album "The Blacklist" is out and all of the songs were written between 1985 and 1987. The older material has a punkish feel that really got the venue rocking.

Another highlight was the acoustic version of "One Way Ticket To Ride." Paul and Tracii gave this song a whole new meaning with their melodic new version.

The band performed two of my favorite L.A. Guns songs "Sex Action", and "Electric Gypsy." It felt like 87 all over again, hearing my favorite 80's anthems.

The night was full of spontaneous and impromptu set list changes. Tracii even played a Black Sabbath song and sang, "Sweet Leaf."

The Rock and Roll party was almost coming to a close, as Tracii and the boys performed, "Never Enough."

Over the years L.A. Guns have been thru many changes. I have seen Tracii perform with a ever changing cast of singers and musicians. One thing still remains in tact. Tracii Guns is and always will be L.A. Guns. Tracii is one of the few guitarists to emerge out an genre that helped shape the state of Sleaze Glam-Metal as we know. it today. Tracii Guns performance tonight was full of passion. The original L..A. Guns members gave the old L.A. Guns classics new meaning. Tracii Guns surely possesses that rare talent, and song writing ability that makes you stand up and listen.

Seeing Tracii perform tonight with his former L.A. Guns members was exhilarating. Tracii is back, where he belongs, where it all started. I am looking forward to seeing the band re-write their career. Tracii Guns will be touring the country till May 24.

For complete tour listing check out www.tracii-guns.com

    Set List

    One More reason
    No Mercy
    Can't Always Get What You Want
    Draw the Line
    Ballad of Jayne
    Sex Action
    Rip and Tear
    Winter's Fool
    One Way Ticket To Ride
    Electric Gypsy
    Whole Lotta Loviní Baby
    Sweet Leaf
    Shut the Fuck Up
    Bitch is Back
    Never Enough

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Deb with Tracii

Photos by Deb Rao

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