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By Larry Petro, News Monkey
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 @ 9:52 AM

The 'Jaws Of Life Tour' Touches Down At 713 Music Hall November 12th

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Review/Photos By Lena Rayne Brown/Lena Rayne Photography

This past Sunday night, the energy of the local Houston crowd for PIERCE THE VEIL was absolutely electrifying, reviving their seven-year spell headlining a tour in support of their new The Jaws of Life album. This was their seventh stop on the tour coming directly from Edinburg, Texas where they landed at Houston's beloved, 713 Music Hall.

The Jaws of Life is this San Fransisco based band's fifth released album, yet Texas chose the coldest possible day for their arrival. Their fans, however, were committed to the alternative rock style, as they were unanimously all in the same freezing cold boat, and the energy outside the venue seemed to match the exact mission PIERCE THE VEIL sets to accomplish. Upon arrival to the venue well before doors opened around 5:00pm my jaw was on the floor at the crowd standing in line. Freezing cold and raining, these committed fans brought tents, lawn chairs, ponchos, everything they needed to bear the wait and weather they endured. Growing up in this exact alternative scene it's so nostalgic and rewarding to be amongst so many individuals who come together as a community for the purpose of live alternative rock.

For "The Jaws of Life Tour" we have the lineup of the year for new and alternative rock. DESTROY BOYS, the female founded punk rock style band formed by Alexia Roditis and Violet Mayugba back in 2015, took the stage in an absolute chokehold . Alexia's stunning vocals poured over the anxious crowd as the first song of the night was their 2021 single "Drink".

The stage was set to such a simple spotlight, truly showcasing the extreme talent the tour crew put together for such an unforgettable event for so many. As Alexia takes main stage, I spotted her perfectly drawn eyeliner mustache and I can easily tell how this up-and-coming band gained their popularity. Violet's energy was unmatched as she was in her zone on stage the entire set. The lights then went from a very intimate single spot light setting, introducing the venue into a crisp cozy blue for their next song of the night. Following up was their 2018 single "Crybaby". Alexia takes the time to interact with the crowd, getting down to our eye level for a portion of the song. The bass player, David Orozco even took his turn on the mic. Between Alexia and Violet's energy, their third song of the night "Beg For The Torture", was the punch the entire venue was waiting for. This being their newest single from 2023, they went all out and it was incredible to capture. As I enjoyed the rest of their concert from the most perfect view in the house, I certainly can say they'll be in my Spotify rotation.


  • "Drink"
  • "Crybaby"
  • "Beg For The Torture"
  • "Shadow (I'm Breaking Down)"
  • "I Threw Glass At My Friend's Eyes And Now I'm On Probation"
  • "Muzzle"
  • "Fences"
The stage quickly becomes set for the next band in the lineup, an American post-hardcore band formed in Orange County, California in 2012, DAYSEEKER. Bass player Ramone Valerio was the first to make his way onto center stage and introduce the crowd to the rest of the four-member band. "Dreamstate" off of their 2022 album Dark Sun was the power anthem they chose to introduce themselves with to the Houston crowd.

The members of this band were so interactive with the crowd, this definitely wasn't their first show. Bass player, Ramone Valerio, playing to my camera while I had him in front of my lens, even throwing me a peace sign at the end of "Dreamstate". Transitioning into a song off their 2019 album Sleeptalk, lead guitarist Gino Sgambelluri, goes completely into his element and I had the absolute pleasure of being able to capture the moments being presented in front of me. His encapsulating energy made it hard to move away from the best front row concert experience I've ever had.

Before my eyes the third song was already upon me, and it was an upbeat ballad called "Homesick" from their 2022 album Dark Sun. For a portion of this song, the crowd was encouraged to turn on their cell phone lights and I have never seen the receiving side of the stage for that interaction before. Two friends were found in the middle, wrapping their phones together while singing their hearts out to "Homesick". I was so humbled in that moment to capture and be a part of something so much bigger than the concert itself. I blinked and our three songs were over as I made my way back to the little cozy spot to prepare for the next set. I rested and just sat back to enjoy the rest of DAYSEEKERs set.


  • "Dreamstate"
  • "Burial Plot"
  • "Homesick"
  • "Without Me"
  • "Crying While You're Dancing"
  • "Sleeptalk"
  • "Neon Grave"
Around 7:55pm, the third and final opener of the night L.S. DUNES took center stage. A band formed during the pandemic, lead singer Anthony Green was simply searching for a group of people to make music with. After quickly building momentum they announced their first tour in October of 2022. "Permanent Rebellion" off of the 2022 album Past Lives was their first song of the evening. A very simple setup with yellow lights emerged, and I knew this was going to be the perfect set for some solo reflections. The energy of the music might be best described as chaotic and Anthony Green certainly did not disappoint in that aspect as he was swinging his microphone so far I was actually a little afraid for my camera lens.

Quickly transitioning into "Bombsquad", shared from the same debut album, we were met with stunning lighting as lead guitarist, Frank Iero from MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE grabbed the attention of the whole venue while he took his well-deserved center spot for a portion of the performance. "Like Forever" was the final song for our little media crew and it was a perfectly, again, chaotic, but in the best way possible. Having never heard of this band previously, my first impressions were more than enough to keep listening to them in my daily rotation. Their music was the perfect match to unlock the next level of energy from the 713 Music Hall crowd PIERCE THE VEIL purposefully sought to offer for this tour. Standing by watching the rest of their set was so fun - I had my phone out recording the rest of the show before it was time for total stage reconstruction for PIERCE THE VEIL.


  • "Permanent Rebellion"
  • "Bombsquad"
  • "Like Forever"
  • "Grey Veins"
  • "Benadryl Subreddit"
  • "It Takes Time"
  • "Grifter"
  • "Past Lives"
  • "2022"
  • "Old Wounds"
The entire venue went quiet for around 30 minutes while the stage was being reset. You could feel the anxious energy in the crowd, everyone excited to finally see the headliner for "The Jaws of Life Tour". The crew had just finished setting the stage, and our security guard working nearby gave us the cue to run out into the pit, and I don't think I took one breath for the whole first song. You could hear the sirens creeping in from the intro of "Death of An Executioner", from the 2023 album The Jaws of Life, and the screams coming from the crowd for drummer Loniel Robinson were the most insane thing I've ever heard.

For the first 45 seconds of the song all of us in the pit were blasted full force with the thickest fog. I couldn't see the person standing next to me for a good 30 seconds. After a photographer's moment of panic lead singer Vic Fuentes emerges center stage surrounded by a green lit fog. Quickly the song gets into the heat of the chorus and all of the band members are giving it everything they have. The energy emerging from the stage was beyond me. Right when I thought things were about to calm down for a second verse we get the cue for confetti, and the cannons go off right above me, honestly a dream come true coming from an avid concertgoer turned photojournalist. Vic Fuentes encourages the crowd to jump along with him for a portion of the song.

Lead guitarist, Tony Perry, concludes the song with his guitar lifted above the crowd. The media pit at this point had become an unwalkable ground as things were getting pretty packed with so much crowd interaction between the small barricade we stood behind. Their second song in the set, "Caraphernelia", threw us all back to their 2010 album Selfish Machines. The stage turned into vibrant pink and orange sunset tones and Vic Fuentes stood at the edge of the stage and sang directly to his fans cheering behind me, holding the microphone to the crowd for portions. Tony Perry then comes alongside the edge to seek the energy Vic had been captivating from the crowd. The lights go completely dark and the stage emerges a bright red for "Circles", from their 2016 album Misadventures. This is the third song for us in this set. Vic Fuentes loves to stand as close to the edge of the stage as he can as the crowd interaction for this set was some of the most personable I have in seen in concert. Vic encouraged the crowd to sway their arms along with his for almost the duration of the song and concluded with throwing a guitar pick. He took his center stage rockstar moment here, and in this moment holding his pick looking over the entire crowd that had waited outside in the freezing cold to see this happen live, I realized how important this memory will be to so many who were in attendance that night. Vic Fuentes takes a bow for the ending of "Circles" and I couldn't believe how fast time travelled in the media pit at this level of energy. The feeling is addicting, and after our first three songs we were escorted to put our media equipment away. The rest of the concert was such a blast. During "Hold On Till May" they brought a fan up from the crowd named Paulina who ended up taking home the iconic guitar given once a show.

The PIERCE THE VEIL "The Jaws of Life Tour" was more than I ever could've expected, and it is always such an honor to see such iconic bands come through Houston every year. 713 Music Hall is by far one of my personal favorite venues to attend and it was the perfect venue for the tour to come through. If you go see one show this year let this be it. You will have the most amazing experience no matter where you are.


  • "Death of An Executioner"
  • "Caraphernelia"
  • "Circles"
  • "Pass The Nirvana"
  • "A Match Into Water"
  • "Emergency Contact"
  • "Hold On Till May" (gave fan guitar)
  • "Resilience"
  • "Bulletproof Love"
  • "May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight"
  • "Hell Above"
  • "So Far So Fake"
  • "Play Video"
  • "The Jaws Of Life"
  • "Besitos"
  • "King For a Day"
Lena Rayne Brown
Lena Rayne Photography

Check out some more photos from the show!
Photos By Lena Rayne Brown/Lena Rayne Photography



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