Buckcherry Live in Hartford, CT

By Debby Rao, Boston Contributor
Monday, July 10, 2006 @ 7:54 PM

At the Webster Theater

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Buckcherry are currently on the road embarking on the second leg of their North American Tour in support of their latest album "Fifteen." Buckcherry were all "Lit Up” and ready to invade Hartford last night, performing to a packed house of a new generation of fans that just cannot get enough of the "Crazy Bitch" phenomenon that has been sweeping The East Coast to the West Coast.

Tonight's Buckcherry concert featured a re-vitalized, and re-energized line-up that included the core of Buckcherry, which still remains intact featuring singer Josh Todd, and guitarist Keith Nelson. In the process of re-vamping the line-up Buckcherry have opted to go with a much younger line-up that features Stevie D on guitar, Jimmy Ashhurst on bass, and Xavier Muriel on drums. The new Buckcherry is ready to make their mark on today's ever-changing music scene, bringing back old school metal back with a modern day twist and showing the world this is how rock and roll is meant to be played. Giving their new fans a show that was spontaneous, and a set that was flavored with a bit of funk, blues, punk, and good ol'fashioned rock and roll.

Buckcherry hit the stage at 10 P.M and performed a 75-minute power packed set, which featured a wide variety of songs from all of three of their albums. The bands took the fans into the present, relived a little bit of the past, and performed a set that was very tight and exhilarating.

Anticipation was growing as dynamic front man Josh Todd hit the stage with his new version of Buckcherry. The very tattooed singer, had the packed house on their feet and ready to rock, barely taking a breathe in between songs. The crowd cheered as the band pounded out new song "Broken Glass". As all eyes were on the charismatic front man who stole the show with his powerful stage presence, and energized vocals.

Buckcherry are known for their hard driving edged guitar riffs, as Keith Nelson weaved his haunting guitar melodies around Josh Todd's stellar vocals, the two musicians were like a force of nature, rocking the house down, with their catchy new melodies and new found energy. The chemistry between Josh and Keith in concert is exhilarating to watch, as Josh danced around the stage, and Keith whipped out some of the funkiest guitar riffs that infused the set.

Buckcherry ripped into, "Porno Star", as Josh slithered around the stage. The most interesting thing about Buckcherry is how all the girls love Josh Todd, and in retrospect all the guys want to be just like him. He has that tattooed bad boy look that girl’s love, and all the guys in the audience were wished they could be just like him. Buckcherry appeals to both genders, as the young audience last night proved with a mixture of college students seeing the band for the first time, and their die-hard bands trying to catch a glimpse of the band in this up close and personal club appearance.

Buckcherry played a lot of tunes from the latest album, "Fifteen” including one of my favorites, "Everything." This song featured Josh Todd in a tender moment, as he sang about lost love. The guitars wailed, as this heartbreak song played on. The band slowly jumped into,” You," as the party was just getting started.

One of the highlights occurred when Buckcherry cranked out their latest hit,” Crazy "Bitch." Joshed yelled," How many of you girls in here tonight think I wrote this song for you?" The entire female audience raised their hands in the air, the audience went wild as Josh sang, “You’re a Crazy Bitch you Fuck so good and I like the way you Fuck me.” This song is destined to be the new rock anthem of metal. It has a catchy magnetic appeal that draws you in, and get you dancing from the get co. You had to be there to see feel the full effect of this song being performed live in concert. The band broke into an impromptu jam playing during "Crazy Bitch" which featured a cool rendition of the Billy Squier song, “Stroke Me" and "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix. Josh Todd strutted around the stage, slithering like a snake, proving he is the new bad boy of metal. Priceless!

One of the amazing things about Buckcherry in concert is their diverse musical style. Tonight's set list included songs that stemmed from blues, metal, and punk. The last half of the set featured a rev-ed up full punk assault that featured new punk song, “Onset”, and the energized “Dead Again” and “Slamin.”

Buckcherry emerged from the Hollywood metal scene with their Glam-rock roots, which was featured in the song, "For The Movies." Josh introduced this song by saying, “My Dad just got back from Vietnam. He asked my Mom whether she wanted to go to Hollywood with him because he wanted to pursue an acting career and become an actor." The theme was set for this Hollywood tune. Josh Todd his all about Hollywood. Last time I saw Buckcherry perform in Boston was in 2001, when they performed at The Paradise. The difference between tonight's show and the show in 2001 was the chemistry between the bands. Buckcherry were focused on giving the fans 110 percent, a real rock show stripped down to the bare essentials that featured talent, and great songwriting.

Buckcherry perform tonight was like a breathe of fresh air. The songs from their latest album shined, as the band emerges with a new stellar line-up that is taking the music industry by storm with their triumphant turn.

As the show was finally coming to a close, Buckcherry cranked out there first hit, “Lit Up.” As the fans jumped aboard that crazy train of cocaine, one thing was for sure. Buckcherry are back with a vengeance, with their full metal assault of old school metal flavored with a modern twist. One word that would describe John Todd's performance tonight was ELECTRIFYING.

Tonight's Buckcherry concert was all the about being a team, and putting on a great rock and roll show. Buckcherry performed from the heart, real, raw, and full of emotion. Be sure to check out Buckcherry on the road this summer. For concert dates check out www.Buckcherry.com

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Photos by Deb Rao

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