Rollins Band: 2-Nights in California

By Newsferatu, Writer
Sunday, August 20, 2006 @ 9:19 PM

In Costa Mesa and Agoura Hills

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Reviewed by Thraxer

The band graced the stage as they always have lead by Henry Rollins; bare feet and bare chested in probably the same black shorts heís worn since the beginning.

Now not many people are Rollins Band fan and thatís ok. Iíve waited my whole life to see them play and didnít really know what to expect. The crowd didnít surprise me a range of people from every walk of life and that was cool. Shows, bands, music genres shouldnít be some manual or blueprint for who can attend and who can defend. They ripped into their set with On My Way to the Cage and it was bad ass. Like 15 years of anger delivered in one note so vividly the drum sticks coming down, guitar pick slamming the cord, bass pluck hitting hard, and Rollins head crashing down all simultaneously. They tore through Burned Beyond Recognition and Divine Object of Hatred. The next two jams were killer, Disconnect and Low Self Opinion.

The band played real tight and nailed every song nicely. And I know some new fans walked out of there that night. The anger, the rawness, so real, so tangible it was infectious. They went on to play Civilized, this is a great song and it was pretty cool he changed up the lyrics in the break. This song is always a trip to me because everyone that ever listens to it is far from what it is about. Yet itís the sort of song they need to play at a few individuals in many a neighborhoods. Its such a heavy song and Rollins is singing to a particular few but the sad part is that bunch will never hear it. First show I have ever been to that was so far from a show it was almost like an evening at an art exhibit or classical music performance. Very quiet during the song and I swear I was the only one feeling it but sure enough a good part of the crowd would applaud. It was a very intellectually stimulating set however. Anyone with half a brain would have loved it. Not to mention Rollins is my hero and not so much for his musicianship but more for who he is, just because someone can twirl a guitar doesnít really mean shit. I also really liked how Rollins set up each song with some insight into what it was about. Like I said it was like class was in session. Black and White was also done nicely I think I liked the live version better than the album one. Of course they played Starve. He also went into Volume much inspired by the war and how sad it was that kids half his age were disfigured. They closed with Liar.

The second night was pretty much the same set dead on but they did play Alien Blue Print. The band was pretty sick I mean the drummer Sim Cain the second night was breaking sticks every other song and just beating the shit out of his rig.

All in all Rollins Band just as good as I always thought and seeing them live was something I thought Iíd never get to say.

On another note scroll down and take a peak at all the ďreal menĒ with internet balls that leave there big bad posts and comments. Grab your drink of choice, kick back, and have a good laugh reading all the oh so busy people that have time to post such in depth ad hominems.

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