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Aerosmith/Motley Crue in Boston

By Debby Rao, Boston Contributor
Sunday, October 1, 2006 @ 8:48 AM

The Route of All Evil at the T

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The Route of All Evil co-headlining tour featuring Boston's Bad boys of Rock Aerosmith and 80's notorious rockers Motley Crue are teaming up for what has to be the concert event of the year. The double bill features the best in classic rock combined with one of the top metal bands to emerge out of the 80's genre. The concert spectacular event rolled into Boston's way packed an explosive spark from start to finish.

Legendary Boston rock band Aerosmith's set included a night full of many highlights and surprises. Including a surprise appearance of Aerosmith bass player Tom Hamilton on "Sweet Emotion." Tom Hamilton received a standing ovation, as the band was overcome with emotion delivering a powerful performance, that was transpired by the deep respect, admiration and bond that each member of Aerosmith has for one another.

"The Route of All Evil Tour' is a co-headlining tour and Motley Crue opened the show at 7:30 P.M. performing a 70 minute set that featured one of the most elaborate stage shows, complete with tons of pyro, dancing girls, flash pods, 4 video screens, and mega sound. As the tribal drum rolls of "Dr Feelgood" filled the air, Motley Crue took the stage with a vengeance! Motley Crue knew that they had their work cut out for them opening for Aerosmith in their hometown, so they kicked their full metal assault into high gear.

Vince Neil dressed in black leather pants, moved around the stage with relentless energy singing,” Shout At the Devil", as pictures of President Bush appeared on the video screens.

Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee held down the thunderous, pounding rhythm of "Wild Side", cranking out one hit after another, and then slamming into, "Looks that Kill." Tommy Lee yelled, "It is great to be in Boston, home of the Red Sox." Then Nikki Sixx took control of the audience, and commanded everyone to sit down, but don't fall asleep because you are not at a Bon Jovi concert. At the count of 3, I want everyone to jump." The party was just getting started, as the band rolled into,” Same Old Situation." Vince Neil had a great stage presence, but was plagued by throat problems, due to the flu. He invited everyone to sing along on "Home Sweet Home", in this very special audience sing along.

Motley Crue's spontaneous and explosive stage show, kept the audience on their feet from start to finish. Vince Neil said, "Boston is one of the greatest cities to play. Thank you for all of the support over the years."

It was interesting to see a whole new generation of Motley Crue fans at this particular show. The audience was a mixture of the diehard Aerosmith fans featuring a lot of families, plus a whole new generation seeing the band for the first time. One of the exciting aspects amidst the glitz was the fact that the younger audience knew every word to the Crue's latest tune, "Sick Love Song." Tommy lee shined on "Primal Scream", and what would a Motley Crue show be with lots of gorgeous girls? The x-rated part of the evening was just about to transpire as the band rolled into,” Girls, Girls, Girls", featuring porn on the many video screens, and 2 dancing girls vying for Vince Neil's attention! Motley Crue ended the show with one of my favorites,"Kickstart My Heart." Motley Crue's set was fun and exciting. It was clear to see why they are still one of the top metal bands to emerge out of the 80's genre.

Motley Crue Set List:

  • Dr. Feelgood
  • Shout At The Devil
  • Wildside
  • Looks That Kill
  • Livewire
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Same old Situation
  • Don't Go Away Mad
  • Sick Love Song
  • Primal Scream
  • Kickstart My Heart
Anticipation was in the air, as Boston rock icons Aersomith were getting ready to hit the stage . A white curtain featured images of the band, as the lights grew dim. One thing was for certain, by the response of the audience, Aerosmith's triumphant return home to Boston, was filled with magical moments that will go down in Boston's rock and roll history.

Aerosmith opted for a simple stage setting, which featured a long catwalk ramp that scrolled down the middle of the venue and special lighting effects. Giving the effect of the band’s performance a more up close and personal ambiance. Aerosmith's stage show relied on pure talent, and extensive repertoire of their massive rock and roll career. Tyler hit the stage in a ball of energy, running down the ramp, as "Toys From The Attic" blasted from the amps!

Guitar virtuoso Joe Perry was dressed in a very classic long black coat, and classic white shirt. Joe has a rock and roll style all his own. The gifted guitarist shredded the six strings in a passionate fury, cranking out a vast array of musical styles ranging from classic rock to the blues.

Over the years Aerosmith have given so much to their fans with their amazing gift of music. It was so heartwarming to see the love that was shared by both band and fans, as bass player Tom Hamilton stepped onstage to perform Aerosmith's classic hit," Sweet Emotion". Every once in a while, an exciting moment in Boston rock and roll history transpires, that is so magical, that the moment can never be repeated. In my opinion, that moment in time was thisAerosmith moment. The band could feel the love that was generated from the audience, when the first notes of "Sweet Emotion" rang out.

Also it was great to see Aerosmith return to their bluesy roots. Tonight's concert captured the raw, spontaneous formula that launched the band into Super Star status. Steven Tyler was in great voice, slithering like a rattlesnake, and posing with his famous rock star pout! It was so great to see Steven and Joe having the time of their life onstage.

The magical night was filled with many highlights, which included an acoustic version of "Season Of Wither", featuring Steven and Joe sitting on stools, at the front of the catwalk. As fake snow began to fall, Steven gave one of the most powerful performances of the evening. The moment didn't let up, as Joe and Steven performed an acoustic version of the song that started it all, "Dream On." Steven belted out that famous Tyler howl, and you knew right then and there that the charismatic singer was back in full force, and ready to take on the world!

Hopedale Native Joe Perry shared the spotlight with Steven, when Joe sang two bluesy songs that rocked the house. Joe Perry joked with the crowd as he said,” Well there has been a rumor going around that I moved to Vermont. Let me get this straight." The savvy and striking guitarist burst into, "Dirty Water", as he sang, "I love that dirty water, Boston your my home." The audience loved every minute of it. I first heard Joe Perry sing, when he released his fourth solo album last year, and performed a surprise club performance at Harper's Ferry. Joe has a distinctive voice that is kind of reminiscent of Jim Morrison of The Doors. He also performed, "Rattlesnake Shake and was joined by Steven Tyler on the harp."

The blues infused part of the set didn't end there. Steven took the audience back to 1969, when he first met Joe in Sunapee, NH, and performed the first song they ever jammed together on, "Stop Messin Around."

The chemistry between Steven and Joe was amazing. It was like they both knew what each other was thinking. Bass player David Hull stepped up to the plate and filled in for Tom Hamilton admirably. David Hull has a long-standing connection to Aerosmith, as he also performed in the Joe Perry Project. David Hull has an extensive Boston rock and roll history, and has also performed in the very popular Boston band Farrenheit, which included former Joe Perry project lead singer Charlie Farren.

"Draw the Line" packed a powerful punch that featured a driving rhythm section of Joey Kramer and David Hull, and a blistering guitar riff that was literally skull crushing.

Aerosmith performed two encores including," Love In Elevator", and "Walk this Way."

As tonight's Aerosmith concert was coming to a close, one thing was for certain. The legacy of the greatest Boston roll and roll band lives on, as the band that started it all, brought it on home, to where the legend all began, in a triumphant home coming. Aerosmith's phenomenal stage performance proved,” They got the rock and rolls again" and are ready to take on any challenges that come their way."

Joe Perry said it all, when he said, "When we play out of state, I always say this is how we play the blues in Boston." Tonight Aerosmith let the music do the talking, and showed the world how one of the most influential bands to emerge out of the city, is still making a huge musical impact today after thirty years in the music business.

Aerosmith Set List:

  • Toys In The Attic
  • Mama Kin
  • S.O.S
  • Sweet Emotion with Tom Hamilton
  • Jaded
  • Seasons Of Wither
  • Dream On
  • Dirty Water
  • Rattlesnake Shake
  • Stop Messin Around
  • Eat the Rich
  • Draw the Line
  • Love In An Elevator
  • Walk this Walk
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Photos by Debbie Rao

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