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Iron Maiden in Hartford and Boston

By A Headbanger, Do You Bang Head?
Monday, October 16, 2006 @ 5:50 AM

Chasin' the Irons

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Reviewed by Bret Marquardt.

October 4th & 6th, 2006, two great days in my history with Iron Maiden. I’ve seen the band live now 15 times and these two shows were two of the best I’ve seen. I made the trek from Colorado to Connecticut and Massachusetts in just over 2 days driving by myself and it was well worth it. I got home tired and relieved that I once again got to see the greatest metal band of all time live. I’ve never written reviews before, however with all the crap I’ve heard about Maiden not playing older songs this time out I wanted to give a perspective from someone who really had to make an effort to see the band not just drive to my corner arena.

This is the second time I’ve seen Maiden kick off a US headline tour. The first was 1983 in Casper, Wyoming where the World Piece Tour got started and this show was just as powerful and gave me the same feeling that the band was in total control. Beginning this show with the song “Different World” then continuing to play the rest to the A Matter of Life and Death album I, along with all the true, long time Maiden fans, were thrilled and overjoyed. Forget all the whining about not hearing “Run to the Hills” or “The Trooper” or “Number of the Beast”, or the other songs that have been played dozens of times. This show and this tour are about the new album and I thank the band for having the balls to take that chance. This is probably the only time they’ll ever play most of these songs live and every Maiden fan should be rejoicing. As heavy as the new album is on CD, live that heaviness is translated 100 fold. The opening track, along with “These Colours…”, and “The Longest Day” are Heavy Metal monsters when performed live. In contrast, “Out of the Shadows” has some of the best and most intricate guitar work the band has ever done and “The Legacy” is an epic which can proudly be held up against “Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Five Maiden classics closed the show and for me I would have rather heard something other than their theme song “Iron Maiden”, maybe “Where Eagles Dare” or “Paschendale” both would have fit in with the theme of the show better and which haven’t been played every tour. “The Evil That Men Do” & “2 Minutes to Midnight” were perfect though and “Fear of the Dark” got the biggest ovation and loudest screams of the evening.

Sound quality in Hartford was actually better than Boston though I sat in relatively the same place for both shows and the band seemed more excited in Hartford than they did in Boston, maybe that was just me though or maybe it was the venue because the crowd both nights really seemed to enjoy the shows. The stage set was the usual work of art for an Iron Maiden show and fit the theme of the night. There are some cool surprises that I don’t want to give away here but the end of the show is as exciting as the beginning and not to be missed.

As I said in the beginning get over not hearing all the songs they played on the Early Days tour last year and enjoy the new album while you chance the chance, there aren’t many tours left before Maiden won’t be around anymore. Besides, it’s no secret that next year the band is bringing the full Powerslave tour out and then all your favorites will be back in the spotlight. If I have a complaint it is that the tour has just too few cities and they didn’t come to Denver this year.

I can’t wait until they release the live CD and DVD from this tour; as good as the new album is having the entire album performed live in front of an audience will only make listening to it more enjoyable.

I’m leaving for LA tomorrow to attend the California show and I’m still holding out hope that after Christmas they will add a few more American dates, especially in Denver. Yeah, I’m selfish that way! Up the Irons and remember that Maiden is more than a few songs that MTV once played enjoy the album to its fullest!

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