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Sanctity of Brothers tour in Tempe

By CrpnDeth, Staff Photographer/Writer
Sunday, October 22, 2006 @ 9:02 PM

Great night of Metal

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Another great night of metal at one of Tempe's better venues - the Marquee. However, with as great as the club itself is, it seems the bimbos in the will call area are getting in the habit of routinely screwing up tickets and passes, and not really caring about it either.

Animosity started off the show. First thing you think is how did these kids get in the club? Then again, this was probably an all ages show, I just don't check anymore. The band started out when they were 14 - 15 year olds, and now they are only 18 - 20. Age doesn't matter as long as you have the skill to back it up without being a novelty, and Animosity has the skill. Their music has been compared in part to Carcass, Death and even Lamb of God. They definitely were tight, precise and knew what they were doing. However, being early in their careers, they didn't leave anything to be remembered by, seemlessly blending in with the genre. The band did generate enough interest and they do have enough proficiency that future albums will be worth a listen.

Through the Eyes of the Dead hit the stage next, and they were quite good. Their spin on death metal was thunderous, ferocious and heavy. The only downfall was the vocals of Anthony Gunnells, which may be due in part to the mix. They came out too screechy and distorted, even for this genre. It seemed to have been a turn off for most of the crowd as well.

Terror was up next, and had generated a lot of buzz recently. They have released their second full length album, Always the Hard Way, which they are touring in support of, and once the band hit the stage, they proceeded to wake up the crowd and get the action flowing. Body after body flowed across the top of the crowd in appreciation of Terror's performance. Pits erupted left and right. Gone was any technical glitches that might have plagued Through the Eyes of the Dead, as the band's sound was flawless. Their playing was phenomenal and precise. It was easy to see that the crowd's participation along side the band's fierce sound that Terror is a band to be reckoned with.

Bleeding Through hit the stage following Terror, and they had their jobs cut out for them. While they mixed the set with older and newer material, the crowd seemed to be in recovery mode after Terror's set. It took a few songs before the crowd starting picking up again. Once the guitar riffs and the captivating drumming took hold, heads were banging. Bleeding Through has passed through Arizona a few times this year, nothing has changed - which is good. The set is still capable of pounding the senses.

Unearth hit the stage and proceeded to unleash the most brutal set of the night. Hitting the ground running with songs from their latest release, III: In the Eyes of Fire, the band tore through song after song with relentless aggression. Unearth mixed up their set from previous show, as they previously stated was their plan. It was a well rounded set with songs that seemed to span every release. Fans both old and new seemed to find their own space within the set of tunes.

I do have to admit though, the downfall of their performance was the immaturity of Ken Susi (remember him - the one that draws penis' on his arm for Ozzfest?). Ken found it necessary to put every liquid he could find into his mouth and spray it over anyone within range. He even felt the need to blow "snot rockets" at people. Was it really that necessary? Its due to his childishness and lack of respect for the fans he soaked that will make me question whether I ever attend or review another Unearth performance.

All Photos (c) 2006 David Svendsen
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