Kill Cheerleader in Ottawa

By Andrew Depedro, Ottawa Corespondent
Monday, November 27, 2006 @ 10:44 AM

At Mavericks' Bar, November 11

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Rememberance Day often conjures up images of, well, remembering those that sacrificed their lives through armed conflict in the name of preserving freedom in the face of oppression over the years. Goat Horn's surprise break-up this past year...well, it doesn't compare, needless to say, as sad as that bit of news was the day I heard it. Then again, I've attended so many Rememberance Day ceremonies over the years that on this particular day it felt awkward to be attending a concert on a day when one should really be in mourning. But that quickly passed. However, for the military personnel that happen to come across this review while on leave, I'll just say that I support the troops and commend them on their bravery despite my reservations on the War On Terror and how it's being planned in some parts. And I'll leave it at that before this review gets even more awkward.

Anyway, having arrived fashionably late to the concert due to some online job-hunting and submitting various resumes in 3 languages which took a bit longer than expected, I arrived roughly in the midst of the set of the third and last opening bandof the eveningwho were known asFriendly Fire, athree-piece northern Quebec band who bring the grunge, the doom and a bit of the rock with some conviction and a few First Nations/Aboriginal influences. Not bad in general but most of the songs didn't really stand out very much for my tastes maybe with the sole exception of "Save The World" and even then that song was only highlighted with the lead singer shouting "Save the fucking world!" over and over at the end while almost to the verge of tears. To summarize, if you're into Tad, Poison Idea andother bands with portly lead singers signed to Sub Pop Records in 1991 you'll enjoy this band as well.


Turning to the headlining band that I was very eager to catch, Toronto's Kill Cheerleader already have made a name for themselves over the past 3 years or so, having done some touring with some better-known bands such as Nashville Pussy and Motorhead and even prompting Lemmy to proclaim that Kill Cheerleader were the greatest band since Guns 'N Roses according to this interview here as well as prompting someone on Blabbermouth to proclaim that Kill Cheerleader rocked about as hard as the Strokes and the Vines according to this post here. Does it not go without saying that the opinion of a legendary bass player trumps the opinion of some random poster on a heavy metal news message board? Actually, just listening to the drummer during soundcheck alone was proof enough for me that neither of those relics of the garage band hype of 5 years ago could keep up.

On to the concert itself, the band now featuring a few new butsomewhat familiar faces (notably Jason Decay of Goat Horn/Cauldron and Jakki Slaughter of Skullfist - well, people recognized Jason Decay anyway who still rocks the bullet belt and skintight jeans both '87 Hetfield and '84 Pilson style) took to the stage and played for a good hour and a quarter, riling and pumping up the audience with shitkicking sleaze-rock anthems such as "Deathboy", "So Young", "Sell Your Soul" and "No Feelings". For the most part, the band focused on material from their first full-length CD All Hail which was released back in March. Sometimes the crowd outshouted the band who were often at risk ofbeing rushed onstage but when you close your set with a wild version of a song called "Don't Call Me Baby, Bitch" chaos was to be expected. But this was still a brutal show nonetheless which really didn't make me regret missing the other 3 bands that played before them too much.

Incidentally, the band's drummer was both relieved and amused that he could outplay the Strokes' skinsman even on his worst day from my perspective. Jason Decay and I commented on the night's performance, reflected on Goat Horn's brief but shining career and the birth of his other band Cauldron who are poised to pick up where Goat Horn left off with an upcoming show at Cafe Dekcuf at the end of the month with Joe Thrasher and Toxicator. And with longtime Goat Horn fan Crazy Craig kept up to date, longtime Icarus Witch fan Diana DeVille will also be happy to know that both bands are looking to schedule some shows together both in Canada and the US in the spring. Hopefully with a review to follow should Ottawa fall into their tour itinerary.

Prepare for the rotten roll revolution, trust your instincts instead of what 90% of people post on Blabbermouth and for the love of God don't ask Jason Decay how his wife Ravinder is doing or if he still keeps in touch with George Lynch.


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