Top Ten 2006 Album Lists From KNAC.COM Writers and DJ's

By Newsferatu, Writer
Wednesday, December 20, 2006 @ 5:16 PM

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Check out the top ten 2006 Album lists from the KNAC.COM crew.

Many of these releases are available for sale in the KNAC.COM music store. To purchase these albums, click on the album titles or on the album cover art.

Peter Atkinson, Northeast Correspondent

01.) Napalm Death Smear Campaign (Century Media)
02.) Satyricon Now, Diabolical (Century Media)
03.) Gojira From Mars to Sirius (Prosthetic)
04.) Cannibal Corpse Kill (Metal Blade)
05.) Deicide The Stench of Redemption (Earache)
06.) Unearth III – In The Eyes of Fire (Metal Blade)
07.) Enslaved Ruun (Candlelight USA)
08.) Dimmu Borgir Stormblast (Nuclear Blast)
09.) I Between Two Worlds (Nuclear Blast)
10.) Goatwhore A Haunted Curse (Metal Blade)

Tim Westergard, Las Vegas Correspondent

01.) Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)
02.) Dragonforce Inhuman Rampage (Roadrunner)
03.) Opeth Ghost Reveries (Roadrunner)
04.) Trivium The Crusade (Roadrunner)
05.) Bullet for My Valentine The Poison (Enhanced) (Trustkill)
06.) Tool 10,000 Days (Volcano)
07.) Napalm Death Smear Campaign (Century Media)
08.) Lamb Of God Sacrament (Sony/Epic)
09.) Strapping Young LadThe New Black (Century Media)
10.) Lacuna Coil Karmacode (Century Media)
10.) Black Label Society Shot To Hell (Roadrunner)

Philthy Phil, 8-foot Tall Viking

01.) Devin Townsend Band Synchestra (Inside Out)
02.) Rebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel (Big Vin)
03.) Lamb Of God Sacrament (Epic)
04.) Vanden Plas Christ 0 (Inside Out)
05.) Moonspell Memorial (SPV)
06.) Buckethead The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock (Bucketheadland)
07.) Shadows Fall Fallout From The War (Century Media)
08.) Evergrey Monday Morning Apocalypse (Inside Out)
09.) In Flames Come Clarity (Ferret)
10.) Into Eternity The Scattering of Ashes (Century Media)

Diana DeVille, Rock Goddess

01.) Krokus Hellraiser (AFM/Gadget)
02.) Warrant Born Again (Down Boys Records)
03.) Lynam Slave to the Machine (DRT Entertainment/Universal)
04.) Cheap Trick Rockford (Big 3)
05.) Winger IV (Shrapnel)
06.) Wednesday 13 Fang Bang (Rykodisc/Restless)
07.) Queensryche Operation Mindcrime II (Rhino/WEA)
08.) Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)
09.) Doro Warrior Soul (SPV)
10.) Skid Row Revolutions Per Minute (SPV)

Crpn Deth Phoenix Correspondent/Photographer

01.) Children of Bodom - Chaos Ridden Years: Stockholm Live (Universal Music)
02.) Arch Enemy - Live Apocalypse (Century Media)
03.) Lamb of God - Sacrament (Sony)
04.) Dragonforce - Inhuman Rampage (Roadrunnner Records)
05.) In Flames - Come Clarity (Ferret Records)
06.) Slayer - Christ Illusion (Warner Bros/WEA)
07.) Angra - Aurora Consurgens (Steamhammer Us)
08.) Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)
09.) Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies (Roadrunner Records)
10.) Triplever - Beyond the Grave (Crash Music)

Crazy Craig, “Super Rock Sunday” Host

01.) Boris Pink (Southern Lord)
02.) Gojira From Mars to Sirius (Prosthetic)
03.) Killing Joke Hosanas from the Basement of H (Cooking Vinyl)
04.) Mastodon Blood Mountain (Reprise)
05.) Goatwhore A Haunted Curse (Metal Blade)
06.) Lair of the Minotaur The Ultimate Destroyer (Southern Lord)
07.) Intronaut Void (Goodfellow)
08.) The Abominable Iron Sloth The Abominable Iron Sloth (Goodfellow)
09.) Throttlerod Nail (Small Stone)
10.) Sasquatch II (Small Stone)

Deb Rao, Boston Correspondent

01.) Black Label Society Shot To Hell (Roadrunner Records)
02.) Rebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel (Big Vin Records)
03.) Quiet Riot Rehab (Chavis Records)
04.) Shadows Fall Fallout From The War (Century Media)
05.) In Flames Come Clarity (Ferret)
06.) Dragonforce Inhuman Rampage (Roadunner Records)
07.) Vains Of Jenna Vains of Jenna (Filthy Note Records)
08.) Lacuna Coil Karmacode (Century Media)
09.) Stone Sour Come What(Ever) May (Roadrunner Records)
10.) Black Stone Cherry Black Stone Cherry (Roadrunner Records)

Junkman, On Air Personality/Off Air Refuse Collector

01.) Lamb Of God Sacrament (Sony/Epic)
02.) Tool 10,000 Days (Volcano)
03.) Leatherwolf World Asylum (Massacre)
04.) In Flames Come Clarity (Ferret)
05.) Shadows Fall Fallout From The War (Century Media)
06.) Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)
07.) Into Eternity The Scattering of Ashes (Century Media)
08.) Slayer Christ Illusion (Warner Bros/WEA)
09.) Queensryche Operation Mindcrime II (Rhino/WEA)
10.) Dragonforce Inhuman Rampage (Roadrunner)

Special mention: Twisted Sister Twisted Christmas (Razor and Tie). This has replaced "James Brown's "Merry Christmas Album" as my favorite yultide listening! Junkman approved!!!

Bullwhip, Air Personality

01.) Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)
02.) Tenacious D The Pick Of Destiny (Soundtrack) (Sony)
03.) Slayer Christ Illusion (Warner Bros./WEA)
04.) Queensrÿche Operation: Mindcimre II (Rhino/WEA)
05.) Metal Church A Light In The Dark (Steamhammer)
06.) Venom Metal Black (Sanctuary)
07.) Motörhead Kiss Of Death (Sanctuary)
08.) Rebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel (Big Vin)
09.) Black Label Society Shot To Hell (Roadrunner)
10.) The Who Endless Wire (Republic)

Honorable Mention: John Fogerty The Long Road Home: In Concert (Fantasy)

Brian Davis, Writer

1) Tool 10,000 Days (Volcano)
2) Into Eternity The Scattering Of Ashes (Century Media)
3) Blind Guardian A Twist In The Myth (Nuclear Blast)
4) Scar Symmetry Pitch Black Progress (Nuclear Blast)
5) God Dethroned The Toxic Touch (Metal Blade)
6) Autumn's End Act Of Attrition (Hammermill)
7) Mastery Lethal Legacy(Corporate Punishment)
8) Dog Fashion Disco Adultery (Rotten Records)
9) Communic Waves Of Visual Decay (Nuclear Blast)
10) Kataklysm In The Arms Of Devastation (Nuclear Blast)

DJ Will Host of "The Vault"

01.) Venom Metal Black (Sanctuary)
02.) Metal Church A Light In The Dark (Spv)
03.) Bullet Heading For The Top (Black Lodge)
04.) Slayer Christ Illusion (Universal)
05.) BenedictumUncreation(Locomotive)
06.) Celtic Frost Monotheist (Century Media)
07.) Ministry Rio Grande Blood(13th Planet Records)
08.) Entombed When In Sodom / Serpent Saints(Threeman)
09.) Jorn Duke (AFM)
10.) Sodom Sodom (Spv)

My Honorable Mentions:

Dream Evil United (Century Media), Voi Vod Katorz (The End), Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime II (Rhino/WEA), In Flames Come Clarity (Ferret), Metal: A Headbanger's Journey DVD (Universal Music), Vio-lence Blood & Dirt DVD (Megaforce), Loudness US Reunion tour!!

Andrew Depedro, Ottawa Correspondent

01.) Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)
02.) Into Eternity The Scattering Of Ashes (Century Media)
03.) Slayer Christ Illusion (Warner Bros./WEA)
04.) Celtic Frost Monotheist (Century Media)
05.) Queensryche Operation: Mindcimre II (Rhino/WEA)
06.) The Double Pumpers II (Indie)
07.) Slave To The System Slave To The system (Spitfire)
08.) Dragonforce Inhuman Rampage (Roadrunner)
09.) Kataklysm In The Arms Of Devastation (Nuclear Blast)
10.) Rebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel (Big Vin Records)

Charlie Steffens, aka Gnarly Charlie, Staff Photographer/Writer

01.) Buckcherry 15 (Eleven Seven Records)
02.) The Haunted The Dead Eye (Century Media)
03.) Lamb of God Sacrament (Epic)
04.) Silent Civilian Rebirth of the Temple (Mediaskare)
05.) Army of Anyone Army of Anyone (Firm Music)
06.) Light This City Facing the Thousand (Prosthetic)
07.) Motorhead Kiss of Death (Sanctuary)
08.) All That RemainsThe Fall of Ideals (Prosthetic)
09.) I Between Two Worlds (Nuclear Blast)
10.) Celtic Frost Monotheist (Century Media)

Jeff Kerby, Resident Asshole

01.) Queensryche Operation Mindcrime II (Rhino/WEA)
02.) Mushroomhead Savior Sorrow (Megaforce)
03.) Hed PE Back 2 Base X (Suburban Noize)
04.) Tool 10,000 Days (Volcano)
05.) Ministry Rio Grande Blood (13th Planet Records)
06.) Buckcherry 15 (Eleven Seven Records)
07.) Cheap Trick Rockford (Big 3)
08.) Winger IV (Shrapnel)
09.) Streetwalkin‘ Cheetahs Resurrection (Triple X Records)
10.) Motorhead Kiss of Death (Sanctuary)

Mick Stingley, New York City Correspondent

01.) Slayer Christ Illusion (American)
02.) Ministry Rio Grande Blood (13th Planet/Megaforce)
03.) Poisonblack Lust Stained Despair (Century Media)
04.) Godsmack IV (UnIVersal/Republic)
05.) Trashlight Vision Alibis & Ammunition (Undergroove UK/Japan)
06.) Stone Sour Come What(ever) May (RoadRunner)
07.) Rob Zombie Educated Horses (Geffen)
08.) Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)
09.) Lacuna Coil Karmacode (Century Media)
10.) Black Label Society Shot To Hell (RoadRunner)

Ravinder, Cyber Personality

01.) Buckcherry 15 (Eleven Seven Records)
02.) Benedictum Uncreation (Locomotive)
03.) Winger IV (Shrapnel)
04.) Queensryche Operation Mindcrime II (Rhino/WEA)
05.) Black Label Society Shot To Hell (Roadrunner)
06.) Skid Row Revolutions Per Minute (SPV)
07.) Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)
08.) Lacuna CoilKarmacode (Century Media)
09.) Slayer Christ Illusion (Warner Bros/WEA)
10.) Tool 10,000 Days (Volcano)

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