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Nick Catanese of BLS Remembers Dimebag Darrell

By Newsferatu, Writer
Wednesday, December 6, 2006 @ 11:58 PM

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Black Label Society guitarist Nick Catanese recently spoke to KNAC.COM writer Deb Rao about the impact that Dimebag Darrell Abbott had on the music world, the deep friendship that transpired between Black Label Society and Dimebag, BLS’s recent performance in Texas, and why the legend of Dimebag Darrell Abbott will forever live on in the metal world.

KNAC.COM: Nick, thank you for checking in with this special Black Label Society update and very special BLS Tribute to Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Black Label Society recently performed in Texas. How is the tour going? Dallas was the home to Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

CATANESE: All of the shows have been kick ass. The BLS family is out in full force. Texas always has good food, good people. Playing in Texas is always a great time.

KNAC.COM: Dimebag Darrell Abbott recently got inducted into the Hall of Fame in Dallas at the Hard Rock Cafe. What are your thoughts on Dime’s Induction?

CATANESE: It's about fuckin time. Dime deserves that and more. He brought so much into the world of music. Not just great playing but as a person. He is the best and will always be.

KNAC.COM: What advice did Dime ever give to you as a musician, that you would forever treasure? Describe the impact that Dime had on your career as a musician.

CATANESE: He said to me after we did the show in Dallas with Judas Priest, he put his arm around me and said, "Twin you keep jamming, you got fire and I see it. One day you will be up there with the big boys. " That was such a great fucking thing for him to say to me. It put even more of a drive in me.

KNAC.COM: What was your reaction when you turned on the TV and heard Dime had been shot?

CATANESE: I remember the first time I heard the news about Dime. I was in denial. Then it hit home and I had all the emotions, crying, mad, asking why him. It just plain out sucks.

KNAC.COM: Do you remember the first time you met Dime?

CATANESE: I met Dime during the Crowbar tour with us. He came out and hung. My best memory I have of Dime is the last time I saw him was when we opened for Judas Priest. Dime and Rita came out and we had a blast. After the show he put arm around me and complimented the show and said "Man I watch you up there playing note for note with the boss. Don't you ever quit and mark my words you will be one of the best." Well that about had me in tears. Here is one of my idols telling me something like that. That was just the kind of person Dime was such a giving and caring person.

KNAC.COM: One of the highlights of the Black Label Society set on "The Shot to Hell Tour" is when the band performs,” In this River", in a very special tribute to Dime every night. The emotion pouring out from the band is so heartwarming.

CATANESE: It is still hard to this day to play that song and not get emotional. The song was written and recorded while Dime was alive, but it fits and pays a lot of honor to him. Now that it's played on the piano, it's even more intense.

KNAC.COM: What impact did Dimebag Darrell Abbott have on the Metal world? What was Dime's motto in life?

CATANESE: Be yourself and have fun every fucking day of your life. Dime never went a day without having a fucking blast. He would call me up at casinos and we would talk about how much money we had each lost. He would say "Twin", Live it up man, and let it roll getcha pull."

KNAC.COM: Do you have any special memories of Dime that you would like to share with us?

CATANESE: Dime made his mark by being the real person that he was and is. He is always felt and will never go away. His music and legacy will be forever and when we do,” In the River" it is always for him. My favorite memory would be just being his friend. His advice to me was,” Never give up, it is in your blood.

KNAC.COM: Nick, let's discuss your Signature Washburn Guitar. How did the Washburn endorsement transpire? Also, how was Dime instrumental in helping you achieve the Washburn Signature guitar deal?

CATANESE: Well they saw the DVD and then Dime had some input in it. So it happened so quickly and I got some great pieces. They never let me down. The Shot to Hell guitar they made me is amazing. It plays great and sounds insane. I got a guitar that was made for Dime by Washburn. It's 1 of 1. There will never be another one made, my Black and Red confederate. He would have had that. But I donated one of my ET guitars to the Dime Foundation and Washburn and Boogiestreet gave me that. It is an honor playing it.

KNAC.COM: Thanks for sharing your special thoughts about Dime.

CATANESE: Every night we know Dime is watching. Doing some double doubles, and blowing it up at God's Tavern. As Zakk says, "Wearing his colors, his BLS hat and just throwing down the way Dime only knew how."


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