Stone Sour Shower Seattle With Their First Headlining Show

By A Headbanger, Do You Bang Head?
Monday, January 29, 2007 @ 9:30 PM

(and 1130 Miles For Corey Pays

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By Sandi Salina

After Xmas, my boss at work reminded that I hadn't used my "bonus" from the previous year--a free airline ticket. Well no one has to tell me twice to go on a vacation, so I decided it would probably be way cool to see Stone Sour do a club show in Seattle after their recent Canadian tour. I live in Hollywood and was afraid I'd only get to see 'em again in 2007 supporting someone on another arena tour...which is never enough when you really love someone. So I made my plans to take a little Stone Sour vacation.

Unfortunately, my dog took ill a few days B4 I was scheduled to go. Rather than scrap everything, I decided to DRIVE to Seattle so I could bring him with me. Yep. That's 1130 miles, one-way, folks, for a show. But I had a feeling it was gonna be good, plus what's not to like about some time off in Seattle, right?

So off I went. One stop over in Redding, CA, then plowing thru ice and rain in snowy Oregon to get up to the Emerald City. Got there Thursday morning, so I had plenty of time to fuck around, chill, sleep, then go to Pike's Market, and later enjoy wandering around Safeco Field and some good breweries B4 the show.

Of course just days before I left, I heard SS had gotten the headline spot for the Jager tour. Kudos on that, boys. But what's up with the Fenix running out of Jagermeister at the bar when I ordered it right before your set at the Fenix??

Well Jack Daniels will do, in a pinch, instead, but man, it was a big glass they served me for "one shot."

And then as soon as my drink arrived I heard the guys take the stage and rip into 30/30-150...and shit, I was in the roped off drinking section of the club--which was way packed of course, with no possible way to get to the front near the stage. So I gulped down that whole glass of JD, stepped backed over to the Kiddies' side of the room and was able to get right up in the front row and enjoy a pretty intimate view of the band. Mmm-hmm. Chug your alcohol and dash up to a 3-stack of amps my friend!!! This is the way to go!!! That is, if you quickly want to vaporize your ear drums into oblivion.

Ok. Well bar napkins stuffed in your ear canals will do in a pinch, but I knew eventually Sean's bass was gonna rattle my chest bone in half. So I enjoyed being close to Corey and Jim for a while, and was pleased to see how energetic both of them were.

Now that's a lie. Energetic is not really a word you'd use for either of them. Especially the Great Big Mouth--it's more...um, a detonation when Corey takes the stage and is in your face. And man, is he a lean, mean machine these days. I mean, I saw this dude for the first time last August on Family Values, and that was in the scorching heat of the San Bernardino, California summer. And the guy comes out in a black coat, then barely peels down to a black t-shirt through that deadly hot set they played.

Fast forward to now, freezing cold of Seattle's rainy Friday night, and Corey comes out again in beautiful black. Then weasels down to his black flaming Stones' lip t-shirt after the first number. Then he's completely gone topless by the third tune, already explosive and gives us all of his gyrating, sweaty self. That's when I could see he's gotten pretty wiry from all the touring over the past 6months and is lookin' quite sexy.

But excuse me for that--I really went to hear 'em play. No disappointments there. Jim Root was exquisitely evil as usual and boy could I really appreciate the intensity of his showmanship. Again, energetic isn't the word for this cat--how 'bout haunting, instead. He stares you down with a wicked little knowing confidence, then erupts into electric ecstasy that pulls you into his sinister world like a vortex. Yes. I can't remember the song order from the whole set, (remember, I had three Pyramid apricot ales and that big-ass JD glass in my system by this time...) but it was about 35 minutes longer than the 40 minutes we got outta them on Family Values. Chilling me the most, yes salaciously, were "Cardiff" and "Tumult," mmm-hmmm, but of course Corey's acoustic solos lend a memorable mound to any fan's head. He was his usual sassy self, even a little more farm-boyish than usual when he said, proudly, "Hey, welcome to our first headlining show!" Swarms of people in the tightly-packed drinking section pushed at the stage to get closer to him while he was alone, but he tamed 'em down with some lovely diddling around on a piece of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games," and just the first few questioning lines of "Free Bird."

You can listen to him growl and rumble your living room on Slipknot records, and you can enjoy the slow-burn intensity of his smoother moments with Stone Sour. But it's not till you're in the same room, hearing that big-ass, rip-roaring DJ-type thunder of Corey's metal voice that you really appreciate his tones in full force. What a beautiful husky voice he has--angry, melancholy and moving--giving your own emotions all the soul they need to be spit out across the universe.

Stone Sour is definitely a tight unit to contend with these days and I'm glad to see they're busy and out on the road working a highly-listenable album. Again, thank you much world for making their second record gold, so now we'll be able to see 'em again on the Jager tour this spring.

If you're in the LA area it's a double shot! House of Blues in Anaheim and The Wiltern.


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