Queensryche - Live in Phoenix

By CrpnDeth, Staff Photographer/Writer
Saturday, June 16, 2007 @ 9:03 AM

As reviewed by LdyWoreBlk

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It seems like Queensryche was just here doesn’t it? Well, seven months is still seven months. They were in Phoenix October 9, 2006 performing Operation: Mindcrime I & II in their entirety, and now they are back. The crowd seemed a little light this time around – not sure if its because they were just here, or because there was a lack of promotion for the show/tour? I know a lot people didn’t even know they were coming around. They did not perform both full discs again, but instead graced us with what they are calling “Hits and Rarities”.

Everyone was in great spirits waiting for the show to start by hitting the beer line and the merch booths. I myself hit the merch booth and was pleasantly surprised by the new stuff, great new tees, Tri-ryche cookie cutters, Tri-ryche necklaces and belly rings. They even had a BBQ set for those of you who have to have your Queensryche at your dinner. Trivial I know, but it was nice to see something different when every show that rolls through town seems to bring the same thing.

Anyway, lets get to it shall we? The crowd starting chanting “Queensryche… Queensryche” promptly at 8:00 pm. The lights dimmed and the longest intro of instrumental music ever played through the PA. Finally, the band emerged and looked eager to begin. Geoff was sporting another different look tonight. He has long hair again pulled back but has added giant Bono-style glasses. They started the night out with The Whisper and they sounded amazing! Geoff was bringing it tonight and everyone was thrilled.

The next song was Damage off of the Promised Land disc followed by Breaking the Silence, I’m An American, Sign of the Times, Desert Dance, Rain, and Bridge. They did a new song Until There Was You and unfortunately nobody knew it. I am sure given time with the tune, it probably would have gone over a little better. Next came The Lady Wore Black (a personal favorite for obvious reasons) followed by The Real World, Right Side of My Mind, Another Rainy Night, I Don’t Believe in Love, Eyes of a Stranger, and Empire. Rounding out the night was Walk In The Shadows, Take Hold The Flame, Jet City Woman and Silent Lucidity.

All in all a great night of great music. I don’t know if it was the sound guy’s problem or the house speakers, but the music sounded a bit pushed too hard through the system, but otherwise, the guys did an amazing job and Geoff showed his voice is still as strong as ever.

CRPN’s two cents:
The musicianship was just phenomenal and I swear they do get better each time they come through here. It did seem like someone wasn’t watching the levels as distortion (not the good kind!) started to become noticeable.

I can’t help but think maybe Queensryche is slipping in to the “classic rock” genre? You know, the touring packages of the “used-to-be” or “once-were” style bands. This tour was billed as “Hits and Rarities” – wasn’t the tour before MC I and II called “The Hits” or something? And what “rarities”? One new song from what we think could be a forthcoming disc? A song that didn’t stand out from the rest of the set?

Coming around twice a year is great for the die-hard fans, but the overwhelming feeling of ‘been there, heard that’ may be keeping the venues from selling out for the band like they once used to. And while the musicianship is stellar, the lackluster show itself doesn’t seem to keep butts in the seats. Let's home the addition of the band to the fall Heaven and Hell tour invigorates the them.

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