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Megadeth in Dublin, Ireland

By A Headbanger, Do You Bang Head?
Monday, June 25, 2007 @ 2:50 PM

At the Ambassador Theatre

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Reviewed by Dessie Fish

Having played the Friday afternoon at the Download Festival, Donington, England, Megadeth rolled into Dublin to play a show at the 1200 capacity Ambassador Theatre. This show sold out shortly after going on sale months ago but as on their last visit here (Feb.2005), Megadeth would inexplicably only perform one night much to the dismay of those who left it too late to buy tickets. Entertainment before the show outside the venue was provided by the ticketless fan who tried three times unsuccessfully to rush the security on the doors. He was then subsequently arrested by police to the amusement of concert goers and passers by!

Taking stage at exactly 9pm to the deafening roars of those inside, Mustaine's facial expression was one of a man who meant business as he took his spot center stage. Trademark snarl and a t-shirt bearing the word "Anarchy", the band ripped into "Sleepwalker" like their lives depended on it. The ferocity of the opening number signaled his intent for the evening. In the first half an hour, Mustaine paused only once to inform his crowd, "We're going to play as much music as we can for you tonight building up a complete frenzy. There wont be much talking from us. If you want talk, talk to the person beside you!!!" And true to his word, there wasn’t. He only addressed the crowd twice more before the evenings close. Once to say what a privilege it was for him to perform in Dublin again. And secondly, how he noticed how little clothes Irish girls wear in Dublin city when its hot, one benefit he now sees of global warming!!!

Most of the classics were covered tonight in a set, which was, truth be told, 30 minutes light. Megadeth finished at 10:30pm exactly. Previous visits to Dublin would usually be 2 hours in length. Still, it didn’t prevent moshing in a pit that would do Slayer proud. The venue security looked on in a state of helplessness as songs like,"Wake Up Dead" and "Holy Wars" were delivered at break neck speed to the elation of all present. An indication that most of the crowd have seen the new Megadeth DVD, ”That One Night…" became apparent when the band ripped into, "Symphony of Destruction". The fans part of this song is now chanting, "Megadeth, Megadeth, a fucking Megadeth" between lines of lyrics from Mustaine. This was not heard at a Megadeth show in Dublin before.

Talk outside the venue afterwards was unanimous. A great show but too short by about 4 or 5 songs. Quite a few first timers expressed disappointment at, "A Tout Le Monde" not being played. The older fans quickly replied that,"Devils Island" was an acceptable replacement.

All in all, another triumphant show in Dublin for Mustaine and his merry men. There is no doubt that Mustaine can still deliver the goods in spades and still thrash with the best of them. The night was a real through back to thrash metals glory days. And there’s no finer compliment this reporter could pay to a man who seems to have learnt his lesson about writing radio friendly rock.

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