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Velvet Revolver, Bad Religion in Santiago, Chile

By A Headbanger, Do You Bang Head?
Saturday, June 30, 2007 @ 8:49 AM

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Reviewed by Francisco J. Caballero Leiva

Velvet Revolver is touring in support of their unrealished album Libertad. People came to Santiago, hoping to listen to some oldies of Guns N' Roses, remembering the sold out night on 1992, and of course some Stone Temple Pilots, too...a band that never came to South America; and of course to do some headbanging with this Rock and Roll band call Velvet Revolver.

The support band was Bad Religion, and what a privilege. I didn't know too much about this punk band, but i have to say these guys are very good. The sound was great and Greg (vocalist) was very nice with the audience. A lot of words in Spanish...they has their own public last night, with a sober performance on stage but a lot of energy. They hit the stage on 8 PM and played one hour including one encore, playing classics like 21st Century Digital Boy, Fuck Armageddon...This Is Hell, and showing some new material from New Maps Of Hell. Sorry for not to have more words about Bad Religion, but as I said I didn't know too much. I just enjoyed their excellent perfomance. Here you can find a real review about Bad Religion performance: http://www.rockaxis.com/live_reviewxs_ver5.php?cPath=327_344&products_id=4229, in Spanish, by the way.

At 10 PM Velvet Revolver kick asses with the classic gunner's presentation "...from Hollywood....Velvet Revolver." Scott Weiland and company jump to the stage with power and the usual charismatic performance. Lights and louder sound help to get higher audience feedback with the 8,000 people reunited on Pista Atletica del Estadio Nacional de Santiago.

The band mixed in a couple new songs from Libertad with Do it For Kids, Sucker Train Blues, Superhuman, Dirty Little Thing, but climax comes with Set Me Free, Fall To Pieces, and then, what everybody was waiting for last night...Crackerman, It's So Easy, Sex Type Thing, I Used To Love Her...and an encore of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. The audience was hypnotized, and singing along with Weiland. Then another encore song broken out by Matt Sorum beating the Mr Brownstone rhythm. The audience exploided, then the final song, Slither. I have to say Slash is an icon. Years doesn't pass by him. Duff, Matt and Dave are incredible support for giants egos on stage and solid musicians. Scott Weiland last night started and finished with an incredible energy and getting closer to the audience song by song (less fuck words more feedback...Chilean people understand English, don't call us motherfuckers or we gonna kick your ass, so respect).

I really feel disappointed with the show because it was short. I expect about two hours, they only played eighty minutes, maybe more Libertad songs, I don't know...Excelent show, though. Pure Rock and Roll. Last words: Velvet Revolver had an 8,000 person audience last night. In 1992 Guns N' Roses had near of 50,000 people on a sold out Estadio Nacional (bigger than Pista Atletica del Estadio Nacional), but i really think that Guns N' Roses (original members of course with a thin Axel) and Stone Temple Pilots together last night would have 25,000 people headbanging (sold out Pista Atletica)

Long Live Rock And Roll!!! from this far away Rock Country.

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