Ozzy Live In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

By Garageman, Contributor
Monday, March 18, 2002 @ 12:07 AM

Ozzy Rocks Canada on March 5th

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Is it worth driving five and a half hours through the bitter ice and snow to see Ozzy? That is what I questioned. Living in the middle of fucking nowhere Canada, I’d seen this as being my last chance to catch Ozzy live. I had seen him before, but only with the Sabbath line up, so there was no way I was going to miss this show!

The trip to Edmonton from Saskatoon was your typical concert day road trip filled with loud music, speeding cars, and plenty of “smokables.” It was a pleasant surprise to see the roads filled with many metal travelers, giving the sign of the devil with every passing car, on there way to see “The Prince of Darkness” himself. It was looking to be a good night even though it is a 550km drive (330 miles for you non-metrics) one way.

I arrived at the sold out venue (16,000+) in time to catch both opening acts, Project Wyze and The Tea Party, both being typical crap Canadian content to say the least. Whoever thought that having Canada’s version of the Doors (Tea Party) open for Ozzy to get the crowd in a rockin’ metal mood sure needs their head examined. They fucking suck. As for Project Wyze… Linkin Park-ish I guess. Definitely not my thing.

The time was 9:15pm and the moment I had been waiting for finally began. Through the PA came the words “LET ME HERE YOU GO FUCKING CRAZY!” Ozzy, the man himself, was about to grace us with his presence. The opening movie with Ozzy mocking everyone from J-Lo to the psychic hotline definitely got everyone in the right mood to party. The stage was opened at the back to allow for more seating because demand for tickets was high. It was made known that Edmonton was the only place they’ve had to do that for in a long time and that it was the quickest city in Canada to sell out. Being that the stage was so open it probably meant that the show would be lacking a few theatrics do to safety reasons.

Once the opening movie clip ended, the band arrived on the stage being welcomed by thunderous cheers from the crowd. Ozzy, Zakk, Robert and Mike were finally ready to kick our ass. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! From the opening riff of “I Don’t Know” until the end of “Paranoid,” they kept the place roaring. It was obvious through the night that it wasn’t just another show for Ozzy and the boys. They were having as good of a time as the crowd. Maybe it was because there were no theatrics like an over-the-top light show or pyro blasts every few minutes, just rock n’ fuckin’ roll -- no distractions. Maybe it was because the crowd was so into the show that at times the volume drowned out the band, which Ozzy did not seem to mind. Zakk even appeared to be having a better time than usual by joking around with Ozzy most of the night. He even convinced the Oz to encourage the crowd to growl as opposed to scream.(fucking hilarious!) Maybe it was because the screams were ear popping! The band played all 13 songs flawlessly and Ozzy has never sounded better. It is amazing how he continues to get better with age.


I Don’t Know
War Pigs
That I Never Had
Mr. Crowley
Gets Me Through
Suicide Solution
(Guitar Solo)
No More Tears
Iron Man
I Don’t Want To Change The World
Road To Nowhere
Crazy Train
Mama I’m Comin’ Home
Bark At The Moon

Ozzy quote of the night: “I’ve been doing this shit for a lot of years, and there are some shows I will take to the grave with me, tonight is one of those nights. I’m having a good fuckin’ time tonight. I love you all!”

So was it worth it, to travel in a car for 11 hours to see Ozzy for 90 minutes? Fucking right it was!

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