Sacred Reich - Live in Scottsdale with Photos!

By CrpnDeth, Staff Photographer/Writer
Wednesday, July 25, 2007 @ 9:48 PM

Wax the Surfboards - Reich is

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Holy fuck.

What the hell else can you say about the night of July 21st at the Venue of Scottsdale? The biggest gig of the year blew through Scottsdale Arizona alongside a seasonal monsoon storm.

Quite fitting actually. Tad Zaccard from Arizona’s Monsoon Radio is the mastermind who made it possible for this historic event to even take place. Comedian and fellow headbanger Brian Posehn came out for this show, as well as The Zombie Review crew.

It was rather surprising that a band with as much local draw as Howitzer was set to open the show, ahead of Tolerant who are from Prescott (who I think were set to break up right after the show or simply reunited for this show?). Regardless, Howitzer hit the stage like they owned it, and set an intense pace for those that followed.

The band was flawless and got the crowd quickly swarming. While the band played Revelations, The Massacre and Live to Fight the crowd happily stomped on. The sweaty mass continued their circular onslaught as the band tore through the rest of their short set, which included a new tune from their upcoming full length CD set to be released in October. The band continues to show musical growth and it will be no surprise that a slot on Sounds of the Underground or even 2nd stage at Ozzfest might not be too far off. Between the blustery double bass of drummer Jeremy Jalowiec and the bellowing end of bassist Beau Diveley, singer/guitarist Matt Moody delivers screaming riffs that incite the crowd step it up in the pit.

Howitzer’s full setlist:

  • Revelations
  • The Massacre
  • Live to Fight
  • Destroyer
  • New Blood
  • Blacklisted
  • S.I.D.

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Following Howitzer, Tolerant hits the stage with Tolerate This and Soul Salvation. The crowd takes a few songs before they get back in to swirling motion, but the front of the stage is packed as the thunderous performance highlights the talent from the North. The band came out with a very melodic, although heavy, beginning and soon brought it up a notch.

Tolerant’s full setlist:

  • Tolerate This
  • Soul Salvation
  • The End of Silence
  • What Used to Be
  • Gehenna
  • Infected One
  • Forced Entry
  • At Last

With barely a chance to catch your breath, 454 hits the stage with a ferocious blitz. They start off with Bring the Pain and Not Dead Yet, and the pit is back to full swirl. The band definitely has a signature with a groove style of metal. If some part of you was not moving during this set, you quite simply could be dead. Heavy and infectious, the band continues on with Two Faced, Mindfuck and Smoke and Mirrors. Three bands down already, and the almost capacity crowd is still hungry for more.

454’s full setlist:

  • Bring the Pain
  • Not Dead Yet
  • Two Faced
  • Mindfuck
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Dead but Not Forgotten
  • One Fine Day
  • Pigshit

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Taking the horns of the heavy groove let loose so far tonight and yanking them sideways, The Human Condition (THC) takes command of the stage with Wiley Arnett’s (Sacred Reich) trademark riffs and Ryan Chester’s non-cookie monster growls as they make for a refreshing entry in to the hard rock genre. I noticed right away the crowd slowed the pit it had kept going since Howitzer hit the stage, and were intently listening to the band. The band’s style had everyone paying attention. Glances were finding other glances with the same “This is cool” approval.

The band’s new CD, From the Cell, will be available mid-August. Do yourself a favor and grab it.

The Human Condition’s full setlist:

  • Glitter Dog
  • Golden Handcuff’s
  • From the Cell
  • Tension Rising
  • Escaping
  • The Missing
  • Now and When

Click on the thumbnail shots for larger pictures.

As the lightning flashed in the Arizona night sky and a thunder crack made all the smokers outside duck, Triplever took the stage amid a wildly cheering crowd. The guys were ready to lay waste to anything standing, and started the brutality off with Bloodshed. The heaviest band thus far tonight, the band continues with Without Warning, Militia and also included two new songs from their upcoming 2nd CD – Recipe of Destruction and End of Mankind. Triplever was easily leaving the crowd pummeled and bruised.

This band could effortlessly be on Ozzfest as well – and with this year’s lineup, maybe the person picking the bands should check out a Howitzer and Triplever showcase for next year’s tour.

Triplever’s full setlist:

  • Bloodshed
  • Without Warning
  • Militia
  • Recipe Of Destruction
  • Purgatory
  • Beyond The Grave
  • Wasted
  • End Of Mankind

Click on the thumbnail shots for larger pictures.

Soon after, Phil Rind takes the stage. School is now in session. Old School! Sacred Reich blasts the senses with American Way and the crowd is yelling the lyrics almost as loud as Phil is on the microphone. Administrative Decisions, and Violent Solutions follow, all off of Ignorance. After quick grins to each other, the band’s intensity continued with Love…Hate, Ignorance and Crimes Against Humanity.

The band was just flawless. Wiley Arnett and Jason Rainey tore through riffs with ease, reminding all of us of a scene that once thrived. Drummer Greg Hall’s precision barrage coupled with Phil’s bass proved why the legendary band still has no problem filling a venue, 20+ years later.

Throughout the majority of the set, the band easily held the title for having the biggest pit. Not to mention, the crowd was singing along to almost every song. About mid-way through the set, one overly enthusiastic fan jumped from the barriers directly on to the stage (the dude cleared about 4 feet across) – but not gracefully – he nailed Phil’s microphone stand and sent it to the ground. In the same motion, he almost body checked Phil as well. And Phil was just ear to ear grin. When the microphone stand was restored, Phil yelled out “Just like the old days!”.

The biggest responses, aside from the opening numbers, was the cover of War Pigs and the finale, Surf Nicaragua when the venue almost exploded. The band gave the crowd an applause that seemed to reach out and thank each and every person for showing up to the party. It was really hard to tell who was having more fun, the band or the crowd. Just like the old days.

And with that, the band is done. A couple of festivals in August over in Europe, and one benefit show in Arizona when they get back – and the Sacred Reich book is closed.

Sacred Reich’s full setlist:

  • American Way
  • Administrative Decisions
  • Violent Solutions
  • Love…Hate
  • Ignorance
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Who’s to Blame
  • State of Emergency
  • One Nation
  • Independent
  • War Pigs
  • Death Squad
  • Surf Nicaragua

I know a place
Where you're all going to go
They'll pay you to kill
If You're eighteen years old
First You'll need a haircut
And then some new clothes
They'll stick you in a jungle
To play G.I. Joe

Farewell my friends. Thank you for the last 20 years.

Click on the thumbnail shots for larger pictures.

More photos available here. All Photos (c) 2007 by David Svendsen

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