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Exodus: Good Friendly Violent Fun at the Whiskey

By A Headbanger, Do You Bang Head?
Saturday, September 1, 2007 @ 10:20 PM

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Reviewed By Thraxer

Months and months of white knuckling it till our good friends Exodus return to kick our asses. Exodus + Beer + A small ass venue like the Whiskey = Paradise. That joint was packed butt to gut. Noticed security was a lot thicker. Little kids were getting tossed left and right.

Exodus took the stage and didn’t waste any time. They played Piranha and got that pit going fucking full force. God bless you Tom Hunting, he wailed on those drums like he was going to war. Then they tore into Deliver Us To Evil, a great song I haven’t heard them play live. Gary and Lee were shredding like mad men. And fucking Jack on bass always a pleasure. Then all I got to say is Rob “Fucking” Dukes, he speaks truth and doesn’t have a problem commending the moshers and condemning the posers. Which is the great thing about Exodus gigs is no fucking posers. Kids were getting tossed out at a rate of 1-2 per song security had its work cut out for them fucking wannabe cops. They also played Seeds of Hate and Blacklist. Despite what many may say they were dusting off a bunch of classics and boy were they kicking our ass. Then they played Deathamphetamine followed by And Then There Were None, None!, None! “ Fuck!” If you have heard the Another Lesson In Violence album it was basically that which is one of the best live albums recorded. Then the new jams we been hearing about Funeral Hymn. I swear to God Exodus is a perpetual heavy machine, no other band on the face of the planet or in heavy music has managed to get heavier with each album, after Tempo of the Damned and the God bless it Shovel Headed Kill Machine I couldn’t imagine the repercussions of anything heavier but they did it. This song was fucking made the Hydrogen bomb look like firecracker. It only got faster and harder, I think I saw the ground start to split into two on this one towards the end, like the end of days, Fuck ya Exodus. Karma's Messenger was up next on the killing spree. Rob Dukes you are the man, I tell you, you can always spot out a bigger fan of the genre then you can musician and this fucker loves thrash. Up next was none other then, yes you guessed in Southern California Fabulous Disaster did you see the magnitude of the pit on this number, every body was 5 o’clock skadoing on this one. A Lesson In Violence is always a great song with a lot of participation.

The second new song they played was called Bedlam I think, or something along that. All I’m going to say is if you weren’t there you fucked up, your not a Exodus fan and you missed out. Great show from a great band and a hundred times better then I could ever write about or you could even fathom. After that they played Bonded By Blood a good wholesome family jam. By this time everyone was nice and loose I’d say so why not, War Is My Sheppard was played at a ear blistering volume and Rob on the pipes and Gary on Guitar mowing us down, and Hunting just coming down on those drums like it was a nice piece of ass. People were dying in the pit, a great anthem to march too. The last jam they played and what a great song to go out on Strike of the Beast. “ Time to run or fight, off the strike of the beast, if you fail you'll be the hellish demon's feast!” All in all the best show of the fucking year. Really cool crowd and pit and this is true because everyone there was a fan. The two best pits are an Anthrax pit and Exodus pit. Reason why this show was so cool was because only the real fans, die hard if you will show up and we all looked out for one another the way brothers do. The only time you get knuckle heads is at the big shows which all the weekend warriors decide to become a metal fan for that one day, in the words of Paul Baloff “Posers must die!”. If Exodus gives you nightmares then your probably a poser and if they make you want to kill then your definitely a fan.

Stay Heavy

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