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Cavalera Conspiracy in Hollywood

By A Headbanger, Do You Bang Head?
Wednesday, August 20, 2008 @ 11:58 PM

At the House of Blues with Dillinger Escape Plan, Throwdown, Bury Your Dead and Incite

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Reviewed by Stixnstond in L.A.

I knew when I left the house, shedding a little blood, that it was going to be a good nite! I had a hard time opening the gate to my front door… Unfortunately, thanks to a late bus I missed the first few bands which sucks because I did want to catch THROWDOWN but was only able to catch the last few songs of Dillinger Escape plan. I don’t think the House of Blues Security was prepared for the madness that is DEP. Things started flying & I don’t mean bodies (although there was lot of that going around too). Greg Puciato (vocals) launched his mic stand into the pit area then he engaged the crowd by coming down off stage and doing his thing within the crowd. What happened next was tops! He started grabbing the wooden chairs which are just off to the side of the pit area (weak little VIP area) and launched those into the crowdtoo! FLIPPIN’ AWESOME. By then the security ushered their way to tame this man, and at the same time Ben Weinman (guitars) climbed up on his rig, guitar flailing & one his crew came out to hold down his rig so he would fall & half the band was in the crowd too. If you’ve read up on this band, you know they are not afraid of injury! It became a tug of war between the hardcore fans & the security with Puciato as the rope. Finally the set was done and guitars went flying into the crowd & Puciato picked up what I think was a floor monitor or something and tossed it into the crowd. The fans cheered loudly for the anarchy that is Dillinger Escape Plan. If you’ve never witnessed a DEP show, then you don’t know sh*t. These guys don’t need any fancy pyro or stage lights or choreographed moves (see “Disturbed”). They bring the intensity from beginning to end.

On to the nitty-gritty…

The crowd was mixed with several cheers of “SE-PUL-TU-RA” & “SOUL-FLY” & “CA-VA-LE-RA”! The show was running a bit behind schedule so after a 10 or 15 minute delay, the lights went out and on came the tribe! Max’s unique and powerful Warcry filled the HOB into INFLIKTED. The Pit seemed to gain more & more momentum as it led into Rizzo’s solo. Immediately following, Max & his brood hit us with SANCTUARY, and the Pit continued to surge. Next Max took us back to 1989 and invoked our INNERSELF. They then went into ARISE & suddenly I flashed back to the Hollywood Palladium in 1991 when Sepultura headlined. From that point I couldn’t contain myself & I launched onto the crowd for a bit of surf… HA!

Security unfortunately got a hold of me at that point and I was escorted out of the venue, in a full-nelson. Hey, it happens!

I myself am sorry for missing a few songs but they were kind enough to let me back in. I came in halfway into a song I’m not totally familiar with, I’m not sure if it was a new track off SOULFLY’s latest, UNLEASH or another track off the Cavalera Conspiracy CD. (I would’ve bought the CD there at the show but there wasn’t much merchandise at all) Soon it was back to the old library and into ATTITUDE. They then went into REFUSE/RESIST followed by TERRITORY and by that time my Territory shirt was wartorn too. I think here they took us even further back and went into the fan favorite TROOPS OF DOOM. I didn’t see much of the show because I was a little busy in the pit the whole nite, but someone told me Max’s son, Igor came on the kit and played this (look up the footage of him doing this)…AWESOME! They closed out the show with ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS for which they mixed in a faster-thrashier ending… “ROOTS…. BLOODY ROOTS!!!” Judging by the reaction from Max and his brethren, it was a great show. I agreed and so did the rest of the not-quite-sold-out crowd. Great mix of bands and a historic nite to see Cavalera Conspiracy/SEPUL’FLY, I found it hard to believe this nite wasn’t sold out – C’mon L.A., WTF SUPPORT YOUR SCENE! For the next few days the soreness of my body will remind of this great nite! If you don’t leave bruised, battered or bleeding then it wasn’t a good show!

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