Five Finger Death Punch Hits Arizona

By CrpnDeth, Staff Photographer/Writer
Sunday, November 23, 2008 @ 5:31 PM

Local Band Stands Out

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Amid record breaking temperatures in Arizona (this particular night, it was 88 degrees), Five Finger Death Punch showed up with a furious set and heavy openers for an evening of pure adrenalized metal.

Kicking off the night and setting the pace for others to follow were local heavy weights Howitzer. The band played to a PACKED venue, which is a rarity for an opening local band on a multiband bill like this, proving they have one of the biggest draws in the Phoenix area. Howitzer t-shirts were flying out of the merch booth left and right and showing up on sweaty bodies flying across the floor.

The band started their set 10 minutes early and even then it was surprising how many people were already waiting. Starting off with Purge, The Massacre and Vindication, it didnít take long for pits to erupt. Lead guitarist/vocalist Matt Moody laid down the fierce riffs while drummer Jeremy Jalowiec solidified each tune with solid, precision even bludgeoning beats. Bassist Beau Diveley completes the trioís heavy bottom line. Changing of the vocal duties throughout the show displays the diverse talent of the band.

Finishing up with Blacklisted, New Blood and S.I.D., Howitzer left the crowd wanting more, and threw down the gauntlet for those who followed. With such a pummeling set, itís really no surprise that the band was just picked to support Suicidal Tendencies on the 26th and Austrian Death Machine in December. The band is also currently concentrating on writing their next release, a follow up to the deafening Rise to Power.

Unfortunately the night turned a little hectic, and I completely missed Split the Enemy (who only had a 20 minute set Ė the same amount of time it takes to get a beer and get back) and Bury Your Deadís sets. From what little I was able to hear while running around, to me it sounded like Howitzerís set should have been lengthened instead.

Following the sea of sweaty moshers was In This Moment. I quickly have to thank Chris Howorth for grabbing me a photo pass for the band (it appears the one I had was for FFDP only, not the entire bill like it normally is). Gracious and accommodating as always.

The band has really honed their live show, and itís apparent with each passing gig. Having a very successful run in arenas during the Ozzy/Rob Zombie tour, the crowd quickly regained its interest in the bill when the band opened with Prayers, All for You and Ashes. Having just released The Dream in September, the band followed with three new cuts Ė Violet Skies, Forever and Mechanical Love, each one a crowd pleaser. They finished off a solid, flawless set with Daddyís Fallen Angel and Beautiful Tragedy, both off 2007ís debut Beautiful Tragedy.

The pits that Howitzer had instigated came to full intensity when Five Finger Death Punch played the beginning chords of Ashes. The band left no breathing room as they tore in to Salvation and Way of the Fist. The unison rhythm of guitarists Zoltan Bathory and Darrell Roberts rival that of legendary artists. Able to crack a rib at 20 feet, they deliver crushing riffs at every turn.

Ivan Moody commands the stage and races across it like a tiger in heat trying to get out of a cage. You have to keep your eyes on him as you simply donít know if that tiger will escape. Devilís Own, Fiction and White Knuckles keep the crowd in check, and the sweat pouring. The band did not let up at all, and finished the set with Bad Company, Never Enough, Meet the Monster and The Bleeding.

A night of great bands and a packed house at the Marquee, what else could you ask for? If you get a chance, get out to the show and enjoy a great onslaught of metal.

Remaining tour dates:

  • Nov 25 2008 7:00P Hawthrone Theater Portland, Oregon
  • Nov 26 2008 7:00P The Showbox Seattle, Washington
  • Nov 28 2008 8:00P Knitting Factory Concert House Spokane, Washington
  • Nov 29 2008 8:00P Knitting Factory Concert House Boise, Idaho
  • Nov 30 2008 6:30P Salt Air Pavilion Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Dec 1 2008 6:45P The Fillmore Auditorium Denver, Colorado
  • Dec 3 2008 5:00P House of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dec 4 2008 7:00P House of Blues San Diego, California

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