Rob Zombie Live In Montreal, Quebec

By Livingdeadgirl, Headbanger
Tuesday, May 7, 2002 @ 4:15 PM

Rob Zombie Rocks The Metropoli

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It’s 12:30 Am Saturday night… I just got home from the show. Ouch! I’m hurting all over, but I got the biggest smile on my face. This long awaited show was going to be for me incredible and I knew it. First off, at the last minute the venue changed to a MUCH better place, The Metropolis, and for that I was thankful, then all went wrong: the two opening bands were no where to be found. For Sinnistar, something to do with the Canadian border or so I heard, then I read the night before that The Damned got dropped from the tour. Instead, we got a terrible local band (sorry guys, but hard core punk at a Zombie show don’t work). After that terrible 30 minutes, we were in serious need of Zombie. The lights went down, the energy fell up the room… the only think you could hear was people chanting ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!...

I wish I could tell you what song they opened with but to be honest I don’t remember… my jaw hit the floor when I saw the stage and my mind was just chaos from there. Rob got on stage and wow! Really wow! He was just beautiful, throwing himself all over the place getting the huge crowd into the groove. I had the best seat in town: front row center. The stage was amazing: there was a giant devil look-alike drum riser that had John way high above us. Green skulls all over the front stage, two giant screens where you could catch a glance of Rob’ s videos. There were pyros, zombies, lifelike skeletons and robots walking the stage. It was a total nightmare.

Then Rob pointed out at the girls and said, “Hummmm it’s time for some Livingdeadgirl.” Well, I don’t think I need to tell you, the crowd was insane, singing all the words to the song and we got a little visit by the dancing Livingdeadgirl Miss Sheri Moon, which we got to see in a few other songs doing her thing. She was great. Rob has an awesome stage presence and he got everyone doing all that he asked. Riggs, Tempesta, and Blasko were mind blowing -- Riggs with his blood spitting (that I’m still covert with, very hard to wash off), got the crowd going, they just couldn't get enough.

What was great about this show is that since we didn’t have the two opening bands, Rob had a few more minutes to give us, so we got to hear a few more songs from White Zombie than we were supposed to, and it was definitely to the liking of the crowd. We got “Super-charger Heaven,” “More Human Than Human,” and “Thunderkiss ’65,” to name a few, and some from Hellbilly Deluxe, of course, and pretty much all of The Sinister Urge album. We also got to watch a few minutes of the long awaited Rob Zombie movie, House of the 1000 Corpses, which is totally awesome and should be in theaters and not on a shelve.

Over all, if you were a Rob Zombie fan like I am, this was the place to be. The biggest highlights from the show were “Livingdeadgirl,” “More Human Than Human,” “Thunderkiss ’65,” and for sure, “Feel So Numb.” I had the pleasure to see White Zombie way back in 1992… La Sexorcisto… had just come out… they played in the smallest bar I ever saw, and even then Rob took my breath away. So for me this show was amazing in any shape or form. Sure, I’m hurting all over, but this was one of the best shows I ever had the chance to see. Once again, Rob did not disappoint me.

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