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The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs Live In Cologne

By Daniel Höhr, European Correspondent
Wednesday, May 29, 2002 @ 1:30 PM

Frank Meyer & Co. Rawk The Und

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What a special rock 'n' roll evening that was. I'd been looking forward to seeing the Cheetahs on their first European tour ever since I first heard of their tour plans on the Old Continent, mainly because I wanted to find out what KNAC.COM's own Frank Meyer gets up to musically. Of course, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs are virtually unknown over here, so I and many others who went to see them in Cologne, Germany, didn't know a terrible lot of their material. Admittedly, I was also quite excited about meeting Frank Meyer in person. Having been in touch with him for the better part of the last two years, I only know him from emails, maybe three or four phone calls and also from his articles on the loudest dot com on the planet. So actually meeting somebody for the first time after working together for two years was quite something.

Since I didn't know any of the Cheetahs' songs, I'm unable to give you all the details you probably want to know, but after the show I got the setlist from the monitor of bass player John Ramirez. Have a look at it -- the Cheetahs fans will certainly know what the titles are. Additionally, the four-piece played more songs than there are on the list, including a really great cover of Iron Maiden's "Sanctuary," so the list is meant to give you a rough idea.

Frank Meyer (vocals/guitars), Art Jackson (guitars), John Ramirez (bass) and Eric Herrmann (drums) have basically just started their European tour, the first ever in the history of the band. The four seemed to be enjoying it, despite that fact that their "tour bus" is little more than a slightly larger taxi with not much leg room and no opportunity to have a lie-down. The venue they played was in some back street of Cologne, and because it was a Tuesday, the Underground wasn't exactly packed with people. Never mind, those who went there had a fantastic time and had their backsides well and truly kicked. How some of the folks there managed to stand still for a major part of the gig I don't know. The Cheetah's combination of various rock styles, from sixties beat over punk to metal, really rocked, and was great fun to listen to. That show was one of those gigs where there was no border between stage and audience and every now and again Frank would jump off the stage, play a solo or do some vocal parts in the middle of the venue. The Cheetahs presented themselves as true rockers, a really hard-working and, although they were probably still jetlagged, energetic band and great musicians with feeling for the music. Above all, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs showed one virtue that, unfortunately, many bands these days don't have: identity. They went down extremely well and I bet that this European tour of the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs won't be the last one. I guess they certainly have an audience out here.

Two final remarks: Charging 4 Euros for 0.3 litres of local beer is just theft, so next time I go to a show at the Underground, I'll get drunk somewhere else beforehand. And also special thanks to the guy in the front row who had that fantastic pot!

Sort of setlist:

"Right To Rock"
"Mama Train"
"No More"
"Motor City Rock n Roll"
"Dirty Mockingbird"
"Kiss Me Twice Goodnight"
"When God and the Devil Agree"
"Freak Out Man"
"Kick Me Down"
"Future Lost"
Plus covers by Iron Maiden, Hanoi Rocks, Johnny Thunders, and MC5....and a whole lot more...

(Photos by Daniel Höhr)

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