Hollyweird Tour Live In W. Palm Beach

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Thursday, June 13, 2002 @ 7:46 AM

Nothing But A Good Time With P

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Yes, you can say what you will about my writing this review. BUT, since I have Stronger Than Death, Vulgar Display of Power and A Bustle in Your Hedgerow in my car as we speak, and since I’ve seen Ozzy and Pantera as much as I’ve seen Poison, my credibility is still intact. I’ve been listening to these guys since 86 and figured I would do them right (or wrong) with a review. I enlisted my usual concert going contingent (including my sister and my “doctor”) and off we went.

I figured the concert was getting off on the right foot since the tickets were only $25. Now that is respectable, unlike the $75 I’m going to have to fork over for Ozzfest in July to see a bunch of crappy bands. (Note to anyone associated with the Ozzfest tour… if you put Down and BLS right before Ozzy and drop Adema, Drowning Pool, P.O.D. and that System of A Down garbage, fans would be much more willing to pay $75. Waiting 6 hours to get from BLS to Ozzy sucks.) We got to the show at about 6:30 to purposely miss Faster Pussycat and I was ecstatic they were off the stage before I got there. Got the obligatory beer on the way to the seats and as we were sitting down, Winger came on. For some reason, I always thought this band had a few great songs. Forgetting the usual cheesy lyrics, Reb Beach rocks and his riffs are strong. Aside from Reb, their stage presence was a bit off as it looked like Kip Winger was dressed to go to the mall. The sound was great when Reb’s guitar was turned up (which wasn’t for much of the show) but aside from that, their performance was average. Its always tough to play in front of a half-packed crowd, but a little more energy from the frontman could’ve done them some good. However, closing with “Seventeen” seemed to get the crowd in the right frame of mind for Cinderella.

Opening with the riff-friendly “Somebody Save Me,” Cinderella rocked. They played all the favorites, including “Night Songs,” “Nobody’s Fool,” “Don’t Know What You Got ('Til Its Gone),” “The Last Mile,” “Coming Home,” (I’m sure I missed some) and, of course, they closed with “Shake Me.” The guitarist didn’t look like the same one from years ago (unless he cut off all his hair, dyed it black and shrunk in height). Didn’t matter though since Tom Keifer did much of the major guitar work. I must say, it’s amazing that this band still gets the crowd in a frenzy. It was as good, if not better, than they were in the ‘80s.

After an extremely short break (enough to hit the head and get more beer), Poison came on. Since I’ve been to quite a few Poison shows, I knew they would start with “Look What The Cat Dragged In” (which is a great show opener) and the set list would be predictable. However, to my surprise, after the first song they headed straight into “Talk Dirty To Me” and then (in no particular order) “Ride the Wind,” “Something to Believe In,” “Squeeze Box,” “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “I Want Action,” “Unskinny Bop,” “Rock and Roll All Nite,” “Fallen Angel” (for some reason I think this is their best song) and they closed with “Nothing But A Good Time.” The band was tight, energetic and the crowd was into it every step of the way. I was worried about what the turnout was going to be. At last years concert, there must have been 15,000-20,000, as th Behind the Music came out, I didn’t think there would be a big showing. Wrong. Again, the place was packed, and not with only chicks. The crowd was split 50-50.

C.C.’s guitar playing needs some commenting. I know he isn’t the greatest and he has often been ragged on by every critic, including himself. HOWEVER, for us guitar players, it is a welcome sight to see some improvisation during the songs and some deviation in the notes from the record. Going to shows and seeing the guitarist hit the notes word for word is a downright shame. I figure the main reason is most guitarists in “radio-friendly” bands suck and can only play notes they have memorized (i.e. nu-metal and rap metal).

Now, the three negatives of the show. First, Poison was only on for 1hr 5 min. Very short, but once I remembered the ticket was only $25, I didn’t care. Ozzy will probably only play 1hr 30 min at Ozzfest this year, for 3 times the price. Second, it was great at last years’ concert that Poison played “Cry Tough,” which I don’t ever remember hearing live. Unfortunately, there were no songs I didn’t expect in this year’s show. Third, the chicks who have gained 50-100 pounds since they last wore their ‘80s metal garb need to (1) look in the mirror before they leave the house or (2) stay home. It was pathetic, but it made for some good laughs.

All in all, an awesome show and if you are a fan of the music don’t miss it.

One more thing… BLEED BLACK #!&#% LABEL!

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